07n90e mosfet 100% new imported original FMH07N90E 07N90E FMH07N90G 07N90G MOS field effect tube 7A 900V

07n90e mosfet. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent
Type Designator: 7N90

Type of Transistor: MOSFET

07n90e mosfet TRANSISTOR 7A 900V

Drain-Source VoltageContinuous Drain CurrentPulsed Drain CurrentGate-Source VoltageRepetitive and Non-Repetitive Maximum AvalancheCurrentNon-Repetitive Maximum Avalanche EnergyRepetitive Maximum Avalanche EnergyPeak Diode Recovery dV/dtPeak Diode Recovery – 07n90e mosfet di/dtSymbolVDSVDSXIDIDPVGSIAREASEARdV/dt-di/dtMaximum Power DissipationPDOperating and Storage Temperature rangeTchTstgCharacteristics900900±7±28±307396.314.52.11002.5145150-55 to + 150UnitVVAAVAmJmJkV/µsA/µsW°C°CRemarksVGS = -30VNote*1Note*2Note*3Note*4Note*5Ta=25°C

Description 07n90e mosfet Transistor

07n90e mosfet dvanced Power MOSFET FEATURES BVDSS = 900 V Avalanche Rugged Technology RDS(on) = 1.8 Ω Rugged Gate Oxide Technology Lower Input Capacitance ID = 5 A Improved Gate Charge Extended Safe Operating Area Lower Leakage Current : 25 µA (Max.) @ VDS = 900V Low RDS(ON) : 1.247 Ω (Typ.) 1 2 3 1.Gate 2. Drain 3. Source Absolute Maximum Ratings Symbol Characteristic Value Un

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