Overview 1.9 tdi egr delete kit

1.9 tdi egr delete kit Pipe suit for audi best

Details 1.9 tdi egr delete kit

Egr Pipe 1.9 tdi egr delete kit replace exhaust gas re-circulation (EGR) valve assembly, for improved performance, thermal efficiency, fuel consumption and smoke emission. Eliminates tar and sediment build up inside inlet manifold, Which in turn reduces air flow.

1.9 tdi egr delete kit promotion
1.9 tdi egr delete kit promotion

Improves thermal efficiency by reducing heat build up in the inlet manifold. The Power Pipe has no internal restrictions, unlike the original EGR valve assembly. All these benefits combine to give improvements in overall fuel consumption and performance with a reduction in exhaust smoke.

Specifics and Benefits
100% Brand New.
Material: Aluminum alloy
Size (Dia. x L): Approx. 2.25 x 4.92 inch / 5.7 x 12.5 cm
Surface treatment
Hard anodized

A sharper design Audi A3

With each iteration of Audi, 1.9 tdi egr delete kit things get a little more chiselled and angular. That’s true for this all-new Audi A3, too, now in its fourth generation. The evolution is easy to see across the Audi family, with increasingly aggressive noses and a stance that’s taut and sporty. While the VW group cars are all making similar moves, Audi seems to lead the charge with folds and sculpting to the body.

1.9 tdi egr delete kit
1.9 tdi egr delete kit

There was a sharp shoulder line previously that now looks more muscular, while previous door detailing now looks like the sort of cheekbones you might find on a model. The hind quarters have seen a remodelling, the pronounced exhaust of the previous model now more integrated.

Much of that aggression is emphasised by the S Line trim – the most popular for UK buyers – which adds a little more bite with enhanced sills and gulping air intakes around the front, which is now almost completely dominated by Audi’s hive-style plastic grille. We’re 1.9 tdi egr delete kit wondering if it will look so smart once you’ve hit a low-flying sparrow.

There’s no denying that it’s a good-looking car – in a sort of angry way – with the 18-inch wheels noticeably more bling than the 16-inch standard wheels you’ll get at the entry Technik level. Lower profile tyres mean you get a little more road noise as a result, in what is otherwise, a quiet and refined car.

One thing you might also notice is that there’s now no 3-door version. This is a 5-door, take it or leave it.

Details 1.9 tdi egr delete kit
Details 1.9 tdi egr delete kit

A whole new interior

The previous generation of Audi’s A3 had one of our favourite interiors. Things just came together to give you access to great media controls, with a good balance of display and controls.

Audi 1.9 tdi egr delete kit has been on a march to remove physical controls in place of virtual in many of its recent models. That’s seen a pairing of two touchscreens on the interior of many of the larger cars – but the A3 escapes this tech overload.

We’ve found across a number of Audi models that omitting some of the touch controls leads to things being a little less practical. We’re technology fans, but not when you’re sacrificing the core experience. But here there’s a very useful arrangement of a large central display paired with physical controls for things like the climate control just beneath.

While most of the secondary controllers for the Audi MMI system have now been removed – there’s previously been a click wheel with a scrawl pad on the top, for example – there is one interesting detail that Audi has retained: the small media controller next to the gear lever.

Size 1.9 tdi egr delete kit
Size 1.9 tdi egr delete kit

There has in the past been a volume controller in this sort of location, designed to give controls when the screen used to drop into the dash. But here it’s really useful for your front seat passenger. Critically, it can provide some media control without having to poke the screen – and we really like this little, practical, detail.

Elsewhere, the S Line interior on this new Audi A3 carries many of the hallmarks of quality you’d expect. There’s plentiful use of quality materials in visible areas, with neat stitching suggesting the craft that’s gone into creating this car.

But look below the knee line and you’ll find there’s quite a lot of harder plastics. Some might see that this isn’t quite fitting with what they expect, but on the other hand, it’s a lot easier to clean scuffs off plastic than it is off softer surfaces or leather. We also spotted switch blank plates which isn’t uncommon in cars lower down the scale, but often on an Audi, those spaces are used.

Aside from these minor points, the interior of the new A3 is comfortable, the S Line seats offering all the adjustments and figure-hugging properties that you’d expect of a car wanting to express its sporty style.

The boot offers a reasonable 380 litres of storage, with space for a spare wheel beneath the floor, while the back seats offer space for adults too, with both head and knee room making for a comfortable ride.

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