18650b4-4s1p-aaf-4 Battery

ILIFE Battery 14.8V 2800mAh 1*battery+4*brush robotic vacuum cleaner accessories parts for ilife V7s A6 V7s pro ilife v7s plus 18650b4-4s1p-aaf-4

PRODUCT DETAILS: 18650b4-4s1p-aaf-4

Item specifics: 18650b4-4s1p-aaf-4

  • Model Number:ilife V7s & v7s pro A6 ilife v7s plus
  • Vacuum Part Type:Replacement Batteries
  • Type:Vacuum Cleaner Parts

Product Description: 18650b4-4s1p-aaf-4

High quality Li-ion 14.8V 2800mAh 18650 Battery for Chuwi ilife V7s A6 V7s pro  ilife v7s plus

Characteristic: imported lithium battery from Samsung


Package include 18650b4-4s1p-aaf-4: 1Pcs battery+4Pcs side brush

CAUTION: Battery 18650b4-4s1p-aaf-4

Do not use the battery in extremely hot environment such as direct sunlight or in a car on a hot day. Otherwise, the battery will overheat, catch fire (ignite), this will affect battery performance and shorten battery life.

Use only a battery under the following conditions, otherwise it will reduce battery performance or shorten battery life. Battery outside of this temperature range may cause overheating, explosion or fire.

working environment:
Charging: 0 ~ 45 Celsius
Discharge: -20 ~ 60 Celsius
30 days Storage: -20 ~ 45 Celsius
Stored for 90 days: -20 ~ 35 Celsius

When children use the battery, you need to press the contents of the user manual of the teachings, and pay close attention to them to ensure proper use of the battery.

If the battery leakage, electrolyte get on skin or clothing, wash immediately with flowing water in the affected area, or it may cause skin irritation.

If the unit is not in use, remove the battery and place it in a cool, dry place, otherwise, the battery may rust or performance deterioration.

If the battery terminals are dirty, wipe with a dry cloth before use clean. Otherwise the battery is bad, causing energy loss or can not be charged.

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