27.5 tube in 26 tire 2PCS Kenda Bike Inner Tube For MTB Road Bike 26/27.5/29/700c

Bicycle Inner 27.5 tube in 26 tire 2PCS Kenda

By Kenda


【Brand】: Kenda;

【Specification】: Many size for you to select, Please contact if you are not sure about how to select right size.

Brand: KENDA.
Made in China.
Bike Valve 45mm Length.
Tube/gut valve type: FV: French Valve – Rice Valve – Bicycle Valve.
Tube/Inlet valve length: 45mm

(AV for Schrader / FV for Presta)

【Material】: Butyl rubber

【Features】: Durable resistant, Ultralight, Many size selectable


]Model 1: 26×1.9/2.125AV], [Model 2: 27.5×1.5/1.75 AV]; [Model 3: 29×1.9/2.3 AV]; [
Model 4: 26×1.9/2.125-48L-AV]; [Model 5: 26×1.5/1.75 AV]; [Model 6: 27.5×1.9/2.125 AV]; [Model 7: 26×1.9/2.125 FV]; [Model 8: 700X23/25C-48L-FV]; [Model 9: 26×1.9/2.125-48L-FV] ; [Model 10: 700X23/25C-60L-FV] [Model 11: 700X23/25C-80L-FV]; [Model 12: 27.5×1.9/2.125-48L-AV]; [Model 13: 29×1.9/2.3 FV]

I’ve used a 700x23C in a 26×1.3” once when it was that or walk.
It held up for 16 miles and probably would have held up indefinitely judging by the inspection on removal.
But I felt concerned knowing that I’d had to fold it to fit and replaced it once I got home.

I’ve used 26×1.1” in 700x28C for ages and thousands of miles w/o issues.
Maybe requires a tiny amount more care at installation.
It has worked so well that its now the only size I carry in my saddle bag, which I move between the bikes I use.
BITD when I had both a 29er and 26” MTB I likewise also only carried 26” tubes.

26″ tubes work perfectly well with 27.5″ wheels.

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