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27.5 tube in 26 tire road bike best presta schrader valve

Details 27.5 tube in 26 tire

First and foremost, 27.5 tube in 26 tire you want to make sure the tube fits your tire. To determine the size you need to check the side wall markings on your tire where you’ll see two numbers separated by an ‘X’.

The first number refers to the tire’s diameter. The second number refers to the tires width. Select the tube that has the exact same diameter as your tire. Your tires width should fall into the range of widths listed on the tube packaging.

27.5 tube in 26 tire
27.5 tube in 26 tire

Standard (also called Schrader) valves are the most common valve type for bicycles. This short, sturdy valve is also used on car tires and other inflatables.

Presta valves are typically found on performance road and mountain bikes. They have built-in valve locks which you twist to open before inflating.

An easy 27.5 tube in 26 tire way to remember is: ‘S’ is for Standard (Schrader, Short, Sturdy) and ‘P’ is for Presta (Performance, Premium).

All inflatable tubes are subject to deflation from mis-installation and certain hazards.

Overview 27.5 tube in 26 tire

It’s one of those bits of cycling equipment that looks simple and standardised. But there are a myriad of complications. Cycling Weekly guides you through the intricacies of bike inner tubes.

But there are other sizes in use: many gravel bikes like the Pinarello Grevil come with 650b wheels. It’s also the size used on smaller sizes of Canyon’s women’s range. You’ll need 650b tubes to fit these bikes.

And some city and hybrid bikes use 26 inch wheels, usually with wider tyres, and need different size tubes, while folding bikes and kids’ bikes will often have different sized wheels again.

Next is the tube’s width. Many 700c tubes come to fit tyres up to 25mm, which are often fitted to road bikes. But you can also find wider tubes to fit the 28mm tyres that are increasingly fitted to road bikes.

Configure 27.5 tube in 26 tire
Configure 27.5 tube in 26 tire

Cyclocross 27.5 tube in 26 tire and gravel bikes and many city and hybrid bikes with 700c wheels will have even wider tyres and will need a wider tube still, although most gravel bike riders will choose to run their tyres tubeless.

Bike inner tubes for narrower tyres will usually fit these wider tyres; they will just be a bit more stretched out to fill the space. They’re unlikely to burst, but if you get a flat they may go down more quickly. On the other hand, a wider inner tube may be awkward to get into a 25mm tyre.

Mountain bike tyre sizes are usually stated in inches. So a 29 inch MTB tube will have the same diameter as a 700c road wheel, while a 27.5 inch tube will be the same diameter as a 650b road wheel. You can also get 26 inch MTB tubes. But since MTB tyres are typically wider than road tyres, they may be too wide to fit, even in a gravel bike tyre.

Details 27.5 tube in 26 tire
Details 27.5 tube in 26 tire

Most bikes come with wheels that use presta valved tubes. These valves are quite narrow and have a screw at their valve tip. You need to unscrew it to get air into the tyre. Although the tyre will stay inflated with the screw loose, it’s a good idea to close it up so that you don’t accidentally let air out of your tyre. And a valve cap will stop muck getting into it when riding.

Some presta valves come in one piece, while others have cores that unscrew from the valve body. You can often unscrew them by hand or by wrapping them in a piece of old cloth or rubber and delicately using a pair of pliers. There are also core removal tools available.

A removable core can be replaced if it gets damaged – the screw part is prone to getting bent. The disadvantage is that you can unscrew the core by accident when removing a screw-on pump, undoing all your hard work pumping the tyre up.

Promotion 27.5 tube in 26 tire
Promotion 27.5 tube in 26 tire

Some bike inner tubes have Schrader valves like those used on car tyres. These won’t fit into a wheel drilled for a presta valve. Likewise, if your wheel has a valve hole the right diameter for a Schrader valve, a presta valve will not fit securely and there’s a risk the tube will get pinched in the valve hole and blow out.

More of a rarity is the Woods valve. This looks like a presta valve, but has a collar holding the valve core in place. Not all modern pumps will fit onto a Woods valve because of the collar.

Finally, keep an eye on the valve length. If you’ve got deep section wheels, you’ll need bike inner tubes with longer valves to make sure that they protrude through the rim. Some valves can be as long as 8cm. And you don’t want to get a flat out riding and find that your spare tube’s valve isn’t long enough to attach a pump – believe us, we’ve been there.

If your valve is still not long enough for your deep section wheels, you can buy valve extenders. These screw onto the valve and can add enough extra length to fit the deepest aero wheels.

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