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  • Material: Metal
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  • Structure: Single-side Bracket
  • Usage: Industrial
Overview 2711p-t6m20a
Overview 2711p-t6m20a

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What Kind of Screen Protector Should I Get for My Phone?

2711p-t6m20a Having a big scratch on your phone is like having an itch in your brain you just can’t reach. Plus, it lowers the resale value of the device when you want to upgrade. A screen protector can keep the surface pristine, but buying one is more complicated than it should be. Let’s break down the difference between the each type, so you don’t waste your money.

The glass on your gadgets has gotten a lot more scratch-resistant since the days of the iPod. Corning’s Gorilla Glass will not scratch if you rub it with your keys or loose change, which is a big step forward. It is not, however, unscratchable, as some people believe.

Take a look at my Google Pixel 2, for example. The scratches aren’t deep, but they’re definitely there. These scratches likely come from sand and other particles with hard minerals in them, like quartz and topaz. Any object harder than your screen will scratch it, and while Corning hasn’t officially released its glass’ Mohs hardness rating, most testers have found it to lie between a 6 and 7 (the highest value, 10, is as hard as diamonds).

2711p-t6m20a promotion
2711p-t6m20a promotion

So yes, your 2711p-t6m20a can still be scratched, and it’s probably the sand in your pocket (or bag) that’s causing it. Screen protectors are not perfect—even the best ones are usually between a 7 and 8 on the Mohs scale, which is slightly better than Gorilla Glass—but they allow you to pop your phone in your pocket without worrying. Then, if and when the protector gets scratched, you can always replace it, keeping the actual screen immaculate when you go to resell it a few years down the line.

Search for “screen protector” on Amazon, and you’ll likely be overwhelmed by the results. There are so many brands, types, and price points that it’s enough to make your head spin. Thankfully, screen protectors can generally be broken down into a few simple types, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

PET is a type of plastic usually found on things like water bottles and food containers. PET screen protectors provide the least amount of scratch- and impact-protection, but they’re super cheap, light, and thin, and as a result are less visible once applied to your phone.

They also have a decently smooth feel, unlike the more durable but rubbery TPU. PET is also a bit stiff, so it can’t go edge-to-edge on phones with curved screens like the iPhone. If you want to go with PET, I recommend Tech Armor.


Thermoplastic Polyreuthane

When you think of the screen protectors of old, you’re probably thinking of TPU. It’s a flexible plastic that’s a huge hassle to install (it involves using a spray solution and squeegeeing out lots of bubbles), doesn’t feel very smooth (thanks to its almost rubbery texture), and adds an “orange peel” type glare to your phone’s screen.

But it isn’t without benefits: it’s flexible, so it can go edge-to-edge on any phone, it has better impact protection than PET, and it has limited “self-healing” powers for small scratches. Brands like IQ Shield offer TPU at very affordable prices, while Zagg’s InvisibleShield film is a bit more expensive.

On the other hand, Zagg’s comes in a few different styles depending on the look, feel, and features you want. However, not all styles are available for all phones, and some phones don’t have TPU options at all. Both IQ Shield and Zagg come with replacement warranties, as well, though Zagg’s is more all-encompassing, hence the higher cost.

Details 2711p-t6m20a
Details 2711p-t6m20a

These are 2711p-t6m20a the granddaddies of screen protectors. They don’t have the self-healing abilities of TPU, but they’re tougher in terms of scratch- and drop-protection, and these days they are pretty inexpensive.

Both amFilm and Maxboost offer affordable glass protectors that measure between a 7 and 8 on the Mohs hardness scale, according to Wirecutter—and in our tests, they worked quite well. (Zagg’s glass protectors only measured between a 5 and 6, which it says is actually better for impact protection, even if it requires sacrificing some scratch defense. They also come in more varieties with features like privacy or anti-glare.)

Because glass protectors are thicker, however, they’re much more visible on your screen, which isn’t great if you prefer that melts-into-your-screen type of aesthetic.

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