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502060 battery bluetooth monitor interphone

Feature 502060 battery

100% brand new 502060 battery. High quality and high capacity.
Built-in protection circuit PCM for prevent over charging or over discharging. Package include:1 x PCS lithium polymer Rechargeable battery.

502060 battery best
502060 battery best

The battery is provided with a protective plate, which has the functions of preventing over charging, over discharging, over current, short circuit, etc. This product is mainly applicable to MP3 MP4 MP5 Navigator GPS PSP Bluetooth Toys DVR Speaker Microphone Recorder Mobile Phone Emergency Power Supply Tablet PC Cell Phone PDA CAMERA Power Bank DVD EVD Smart Watches E-books Notebook Helicopter Electronic Cigarette Flat Headset Digital LED and other electronic devices.

Polymer Lithium Ion Battery

These 3.7V Polymer Lithium-Ion (LiPo) batteries provide a high power capacity in a very small lightweight package. This makes them ideal for many applications. They are often used in portable consumer products such as Bluetooth speakers and mobile phones.

The batteries are supplied with 100mm leads terminated with a standard 2 pin JST connector.

These Polymer Lithium batteries come with a built-in protection circuit which protects against; over-voltage, over current, over-discharge and also provides short circuit protection. When fully charged the battery will have a voltage of around 4.2V and when fully discharged the battery has a cut off voltage of 2.4V.

These batteries do not have a hard protective case. You should take care when housing the batteries in your design to ensure they have sufficient mechanical protection to protect the battery from any possible damage. If a battery does become damaged (dented, bent, etc) then it should not be used.

502060 battery require special charging circuits. Do not attempt to charge these with anything but a specialised Lithium Polymer charger.

Connect 502060 battery
Connect 502060 battery

These batteries are capable of delivering high current output. If using conductive thread, a short in the circuit (between thread) could create sparks and heat. We recommend using coin cell holders and batteries for wearable projects.

When removing the JST connector from a socket do not pull it out using the connecting wires as this can damage the connector.
Neither the battery nor its protection circuit are waterproof, and if being used in an environment where water contact is possible or likely then the battery should be further protected.

Single Mat Lifter

To ensure balanced operation, the Single Mat Lifter features a three cable system. Standard lifter, load bar, and sling supports one standard 45′ x 45′ (13.72 m x 13.72 m) wrestling mat (weighing approximately 1 lb/ft²). Mats may be one-piece or in sections placed end to end. A custom integrated motion alarm system automatically sounds when the lifter is in motion. In case of a power outage, an emergency lowering manual override brake is included. Motors, drive assembly, and all control mechanisms are encased in a fire proof safety cover.

Details Connect 502060 battery
Details Connect 502060 battery

Standard sling color is black; other colors are available by special request. Supports one standard 45’ x 45’ (13.72 m x 13.72 m) wrestling mat, weighing approximately 1 lb/ft² (4.88 kg/m²) with a 5-to-1 safety ratio. Unit weight excluding mat is approximately 1,750 lb (793.78 kg). Lifting and lowering speed is approximately 10 feet per minute. Three 5”-16″ (127 mm – 406 mm), 7 x 19 lifting cables.
Optional wall brackets and travel kits available.


The Stealth Watering System is the best battery watering system on the market for light duty, smaller applications. It makes battery watering safe, easy and affordable and incorporates many unique features that make it the best in its class and the most convenient to install. It fills an industrial battery in one tenth the time of hand watering, which means that these systems typically pay for themselves in under a year.

For example, a typical 25 battery account will save $7,000 per year in labor (at $20 per hour) when using the Stealth Watering System instead of hand watering. These savings are only for labor and do not include the benefits of longer battery life and run time due to correct battery watering. The system also improves safety since it prevents exposure to electrolyte while filing.

The Stealth Watering System is a float based system, which means that the flow of water into the battery is controlled by a buoyant float mechanism, which rides on top of the electrolyte. As the battery is being filled, water flows into each cell through individual Stealth valves.

Overview 502060 battery
Overview 502060 battery

As the electrolyte level rises, the float 502060 battery rises with it and shuts off the valve when the correct electrolyte level is reached. While the force generated by this process is small it is enough to shut off the valve in most conventional applications. A float guard is used to protect the float and internal mechanism from damage during installation, from moss shield interference, and from separator oil and shedded active material in the battery.

The shut-off mechanism has been designed to shut off precisely under a wide range of operating pressures, which means that it will work with almost all facility water sources. Our precision valve design is the key to our exclusive one-length-fits-all product design. With the Stealth Watering System you do not need to worry about what float length is appropriate for your battery.

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