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6203a best
6203a best

What is a chipset and its role in the computer system?

Best CPU second chipset, those are the first factors that come to mind when building a desktop computer but what is a chipset? How does it affect computer performance? Today we are once again looking for the ancestor of the chipset and the things around this chip.

Chipsets are components found on the motherboard, you don’t buy them separately like CPUs. The chipset name means a “set” of chips. Basically it acts as the communication center of the motherboard, the microcontroller that transfers all data between the hardware and is the component that determines the compatibility between the hardware with the motherboard.

These 6203a hardware include CPU, RAM, graphics card (GPU) and hard drive. It also shows you how you can upgrade, expand your system, what can be upgraded, or whether the system is overclockable. In the early days of computers, computer motherboards were often packed with integrated circuits (ICs) with specific functions.

These ICs 6203a are usually one or more chips that control each component of the system such as mouse, keyboard, graphics card, sound, network. Imagine on a motherboard that is not large in size but there are dozens of such ICs attached, it is clear that the motherboard’s production and operation will not be effective.

Overview setup 6203a
Overview setup 6203a

Therefore, computer engineers needed to find a better system and they started integrating single chips together, dramatically reducing the number of controller chips on the motherboard. With the emergence of a data transfer standard between peripheral devices on a PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) motherboard, a new concept was born, a bridge.

Instead of a series of chips with their own functions, the boards are equipped with a northbridge (north bridge) and southbridge (south bridge) chip. The 2 chips 6203a at the ends of the board hold very different tasks. Northbridge (north bridge) has this name because it is located near the top, north end of the motherboard.

This chip connects directly to the CPU and acts as an intermediate interface for the higher speed hardware in the system, it includes RAM microcontroller, PCI Express communication microcontroller and more. Some older motherboard designs also include an AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port) microcontroller. If these hardware wants to talk to the CPU, they are forced to “pass the word” over the northbridge.

Setup 6203a
Setup 6203a

Southbridge, on the other hand, is on the other side or the south side of the motherboard and is responsible for controlling the performance of slower hardware like expansion PCI slots, SATA connections and IDEs for hard drives, USB ports, built-in audio ports, networking … And for these hardware to communicate with the CPU they first have to go over the south bridge, but then to the north bridge and then the CPU.

The north and south bridges share a common relationship

The traditional north and south bridge chipset design has obviously also improved over time and from the inception of the chipset concept today. In fact, modern chipsets are no longer meant to be a set of chips. Instead, the north and south bridge architectures yielded to a simpler system with just one chip. Many components such as memory, graphics card microcontroller … are now integrated and processed directly by the CPU.

As a result, 6203a control functions are given priority to the CPU, and remaining tasks remain for a chip like the southbridge. For example, new generation motherboards use Intel microprocessors that incorporate a chip called the Platform Controller Hub or PCH. It has the same role as the south bridge chip.

Setup configure 6203a
Setup configure 6203a

The PCH then connects to the CPU via Direct Media Interface or DMI. DMI is not new, but it is the interface for connecting between the southbridge and the northbridge on previous Intel systems. AMD’s chipset is no different, the south bridge is now called the Fusion Controller Hub or FCH. The interface that connects the CPU and FCH on AMD motherboards is called the Unified Media Interface or UMI.

Thus, all the controller components such as the storage microcontroller (SATA ports), network, sound … are managed by a single component. Instead of having to go from the south bridge to the north bridge and then to the CPU, all the remaining hardware in the system just communicates via PCH or FCH and then to the CPU. The result is significantly reduced latency and a more responsive system.

The chipset determines three things: hardware compatibility (such as the CPU or RAM that you can mount on the motherboard), the expansion options (how many devices you can attach via the PCI port) and overclocking (OC) capabilities.

When building a machine, the choice of hardware is very important. Most CPU second chipset – these 2 components are always we learn and choose the first choice that the chipset always goes with the motherboard so we can say choose the CPU first and then the motherboard after.

Once we have a chipset or motherboard, we will know how to choose the rest of the hardware, such as what type of RAM (DDR3 or DDR4), whether it’s high or low; what hard drive and how many can be mounted; graphics card options and whether to support multiple cards (SLI or CrossFire settings) as well as other expansion card options. Because of this variety, the chipset also has many versions, the most advanced version of course supports more things and of course more money.


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