6t30e transmission flush

6t30e transmission flush solenoid for chevro

6t30e transmission flush

6t30e transmission flush placement on Vehicle: AIR INTAKE
Item Height: 0inch
Car Maker: universal
Item Length: 0inch

6t30e transmission flush deal
6t30e transmission flush deal

Frequence Range: NIL
Material Type: MIXED
Item Type: Air Intakes
Item Weight: 0.1kg

GM 6-Speed 6T30 MH9 Hydra-Matic Automatic Transmission

The Hydra-Matic 6T30 (production code MH9) is a six-speed automatic transmission produced by General Motors for use in small front-wheel-drive vehicles with a transverse powertrain orientation. Developed in-house by General Motors, the Hydra-Matic 6T30 is part of the 6TXX family of transmissions that succeeded the 5TXX family. The 6T30 is the least robust unit in its family.

Six-speed 6t30e transmission flush automatic are integral to GM’s initiative to offer vehicles with excellent fuel economy. The Hydra-Matic 6T30 transmission delivers on that promise. It was designed for compact FWD applications and is part of GM’s family of technologically advanced, fuel-saving six-speed automatic transmissions. Shared traits between the 6TXX family – and other Hydra-Matic six-speeds is to reduce complexity, size and mass, including clutch-to-clutch operation that enables the six-speed to be packaged into approximately the same space as a four-speed automatic.

Because of the wide ratio spread, first gear is a very high ratio, which provides brisk acceleration from a stop. Sixth gear, however, is an overdrive ratio, which keeps the engine revolutions lower for highway cruising, reducing engine friction losses and optimizing fuel economy.

6t30e transmission flush new
6t30e transmission flush new

On-Axis Design
Instead of “folding” the transmission around the end of a transversely mounted engine, which has been one of the dominant GM transaxle design conventions, the 6T30 contains all of the gearing on the engine crankshaft centerline. The advantages of this layout enables a shorter overall vehicle length, more interior room and lower powertrain height.

Clutch-To-Clutch Shift Operation

Three planetary gearsets are used with three stationary clutches and two rotating clutches, which save space compared to freewheeling designs. Freewheeling mechanisms allow accurate timing between shifts, but also take up more space and add more components to the transmission. Through electronic controls, the clutch-to-clutch concept of the 6T30 delivers optimal shift timing.

Gear 6t30e transmission flush changes from second to sixth gear ratios are accomplished with a precise clutch-to-clutch action, where the clutch is engaged in one gear at exactly the same time it is released in another. The first-to-second upshift, however, is a freewheeling action, where the second gear clutch engages while the first gear one-way clutch spins freely. This allows a greater degree of smoothness at lower vehicle speeds.

6t30e transmission flush quality
6t30e transmission flush quality

Adaptive shift controls include automatic grade braking, which commands the transmission to remain in a lower gear if the vehicle is decelerating or coasting on a downgrade. This takes advantage of engine braking to prevent unwanted acceleration. This reduces the number of brake applies for the driver to brake during a hill descent. The control module receives input that monitors brake pedal usage, vehicle acceleration rate, throttle position, and even whether a trailer is connected to the vehicle.

The torque converter in the 6T30 uses a single-plate lock-up clutch and features a “hyper-elliptical” oval cross-section shape. This design reduces the thickness of the torque converter, reducing the space it needs and keeping the overall width of the engine and transmission as narrow as possible for packaging advantages. The single-plate converter clutch uses GM’s electronically controlled capacity clutch (ECCC) technology to help reduce engine vibrations and ensure smooth operation.

A compact on-axis, fixed-displacement IX gear-type fluid pump provides hydraulic pressure for shifting and lubrication. The pump features an IX gear (Drive/Driven) with a machined crescent in the pocket to reduce internal leakage and optimizes hydraulic efficiency. The inlet jet nozzle feature in the IX gear-type pump provides increased pump suction velocity, which helps optimize noise and vibration characteristics.

To minimize gear noise, as well as vibration, the transmissions’ helical gears are ground and honed to ensure precise dimensions and tolerances. With closer tolerances, the gears are less prone to characteristic whining or humming, allowing the transmission to operate with exceptional quietness.

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