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A chipset 74abt126 is a group of integrated circuits designed to work together and come together as a single product. In computers, the term Chipset often refers to specific chips on the motherboard or expansion cards.

When it comes to personal computers (PCs) based on Intel Pentium systems, Chipsets typically refer to two main motherboard chips: the north bridge chip and the south bridge chip.

74abt126 Chipset package
74abt126 Chipset package

The north bridge chip, also known as the Memory Controller Hub (MCH ‘), is one of two chips in a chipset on a PC’s motherboard, the other is a south bridge chip. Usually the chipset is always divided into the north bridge chip and the south bridge chip although sometimes these two chips are combined into one.

The south bridge chip, also known as the I / O Controller Hub (ICH), is a chip that handles the slow speeds of the motherboard in the chipset. Unlike the northbridge, the southbridge is not directly connected to the CPU. Rather, the north bridge chip connects the south bridge chip to the CPU

Chipset determines the compatibility of the computer part

The choice of hardware when rapping is very important. When it is 74abt126 selected the Chipset always goes with the motherboard so it can be said that the CPU is selected first and then the motherboard. Once you have a chipset or motherboard.

We will know how to choose the rest of the hardware. For example what type of RAM (DDR3 or DDR4), whether it is high or low; What hard drive and how many can be mounted.

Graphics card options and multiple cards support (SLI or CrossFire setup). Or not as well as other expansion card options. It is because of this variety that the chipset also has multiple versions. The most advanced version, of course, supports more things and of course more money.

The chipset 74abt126 determines the hardware options to expand thanks to the bus. Hardware components and peripherals connected to the motherboard via buses. Every motherboard supports different types of bus and each bus has different speeds and bandwidth. We can divide it into two types of buses: the internal bus and the external bus.

The overclocking chipset requires the ability to control the essentials during overclocking such as voltages, multipliers, clock speeds … in UEFI or BIOS to be able to push the CPU speed higher than designed.

74abt126 Chipset promotion
74abt126 Chipset promotion

If the chipset cannot be overclocked. These features will not be available or if they are not available and you will only be able to use that CPU at the speed set by the manufacturer.

Currently, the north bridge chip and the south bridge chip have been changed. In fact, modern chipsets are no longer meant to be a set of chips.

The north bridge chip and the south bridge chip were replaced with a simpler chip. Lots of components such as RAM, graphics card processor … are now integrated on the CPU and tasks to control slower operations such as expansion PCI slots, SATA and IDE connections, USB ports Integrated audio port, integrated network is processed by a chip like the south bridge chip

The new Intel motherboards incorporate a new chip, the PCH (Platform Controller Hub), which has a similar role as the south bridge chip connected to the CPU via DMI (Direct Media Interface). AMD’s chipset is similar, called FCH (Fusion Controller Hub), which connects to the CPU via Unified Media Interface (UMI).

Through this technological innovation, the communication speed between the hardware device and the CPU is increased a lot, the latency is greatly reduced and the response is faster.

To build a computer case that suits your needs as well as your future upgrade needs, you must pay attention to choose the right chipset.

Details 74abt126 Chipset
Details 74abt126 Chipset

Back in the era of barrel computers, PC motherboards consisted of many discrete integrated circuits. It is therefore necessary to have a separate chip or chip to control each system component: mouse, keyboard, graphics, sound, etc.

But think about how many components a system has, each one needs such a separate chip, is not very efficient. To solve this problem, computer engineers need to create a better system, and start reducing the number of chips that are more integrated.

With the advent of the PCI bus (Peripheral Componet Interconnect), a new microprocessor design was formed, the north-south bridge design. Instead of a bundle of chips, the motherboard comes with only two chips, a north bridge chip and a south bridge chip.

Overview 74abt126 Chipset
Overview 74abt126 Chipset

The traditional southbridge and north bridge chipset design has clearly improved over the past, which has helped us get the “chipset” we are today, but it doesn’t seem like it is a “kit” anymore. before.

Instead, the south bridge design has been replaced with a more modern, single-chip system. Many components such as memory and graphics controller are integrated and processed directly on the CPU. When the high-priority control functions pass to the CPU, the remaining tasks are pushed to the remaining chip on the south side of the board.

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