7565121P 3.7V 8000mah with protective board GPS navigation tablet polymer lithium battery Rechargeable Li-ion Cell


Features: 7565121p

  1. 100% brand new.
  2. High quality and high capacity.
  3. Built-in protection circuit PCM for prevent over charging or over discharging.
  4. Package include:1 x PCS lithium polymer Rechargeable battery.

Applications: 7565121p battery

  1. The battery is provided with a protective plate, which has the functions of preventing over charging, over discharging, over current, short circuit, etc..
  2. This product is mainly applicable to MP3 MP4 MP5 Navigator GPS PSP Bluetooth Toys DVR Speaker Microphone Recorder Mobile Phone Emergency Power Supply Tablet PC Cell Phone PDA CAMERA Power Bank DVD EVD Smart Watches E-books Notebook Helicopter Electronic Cigarette and other electronic devices.

Capacity: 8000MAH
Rated voltage: 3.7V
Charging voltage: 4.2V
Volume: 7.5MM65MM121MM /7.5MM66MM121MM
Property: MP3MP4MP5Luminous shoesFlash shoesSpecial lithium battery
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Model: 7565121P/7566121P

 7565121P battery
7565121P battery

7565121p A, MP3 lithium battery life As mobile phone lithium battery, MP3 built-in lithium battery life is deep charging put about 300-500 times (GB), which is about one or two years after playing time will be shortened obviously, some even completely unable to boot, then you must replace the new battery. And almost all of the brand-name machine without the customer service service, in order to reduce the cost, installed in which is used to B the battery products (factory of defective products, defective, grade), the general use of three months after the battery performance may decline, shorter life expectancy.

7565121p battery Two, MP3 lithium battery playback time The machine capacity and the playing time and battery power consumption is related to the size of the larger screen, general power battery is also larger. Lithium battery 1.2 inch below the MP3 capacity of 150–300mAh in general, after a full charge of playing time in 8 hours or so, the lithium battery 1.5-1.8 inch screen MP3 capacity is generally 300–1000mAh, 2.5 inch screen MP4 battery capacity at about 1800mAh. Because no brand-name machine customer service service, in order to reduce the cost, in the installed when there is a B battery (factory of defective products, defective, grade), the general capacity of goods is about 20% lower than A, the playing time will be shorter.

 7565121p 8000mah
7565121p 8000mah

7565121p battery 800mah Three, how to judge my machine is a battery problem?
If your MP3 Bluetooth device has the following phenomenon, it will be a battery problem, need to be replaced:
1, the use of more than a year, play (standby) time is significantly shortened (about 3 hours), indicating that the battery capacity is reduced, the service life of the.
2, can not be turned on, or power down: the battery internal short-circuit or poor quality of the gas or the expansion of the inner drum, the battery failure.
3, the playback effect becomes worse: battery resistance becomes large, the output voltage is too low.
4, can not play: Battery ring or protection circuit, battery failure.
Note: MP3 normal if the start is later found to have fault, is more than 90% of the battery is due to other reasons, electronic components are less likely to ring, and batteries are consumables, quality is uneven, and the distribution of the charger is generally higher than the output voltage, battery special limited pressure (4.2V) function. Completely rely on cell line protection, easy to damage. A value of MP3 for small cell reasons and cannot use is very uncomfortable!
Four, how to know the battery model?
1, open the machine: to be bold to open the machine, MP3 internal is actually very simple, do not worry about damage to the machine. Carefully check the machine, to see whether there are screws, with a small screwdriver can be opened, the general is no shell bonded or there is a button on the card, with a knife along the seam a week after they can open or open up, careful, general shell will not damage, attention key.
2, open will see the battery, if the battery is silver, the polymer lithium battery is outside the plastic film package, if other color is steel or aluminum shell lithium battery, the skin is PVC plastic sleeve, blue are also black.
3, look at the battery model: the general battery are sprayed with a model (in fact, is the size of the battery), the words can be recorded under the above, if you do not use a ruler to measure the length and width, recorded.

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