a23s battery-2

a23s battery Remote

Specifications a23s battery

  • Voltage: 12V
  • Diameter: About 10mm / 28.5mm
  • Model: a23s battery
  • May also be known as : 23A, 23AE, A23, E23A, V23GA, MN21, GP23A, LRV08, 8F10R, 8LR23, 8LR932, CA20, K23A, L1028, MS21, RVO8 or VR22;


Please keep batteries in dry and cool place.
Do not recharge or dispose off in fire.
Insert the battery in right direction and avoid short-circuit.


Doorbell, auto remote control, Digital camera, MP3, Walkman, Electronic Toys, Calculators, Memory backup, Pagers, Watches, Bluetooth headsets, Glucose and Blood pressure monitors and so on. 

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