ad7793bru 24-bit sigma

Brand Name: SZFYDOSH
Condition: New
Type: Other
Application: Other

Product Features ad7793bru

1.Up to 23 bits effective resolution
2.RMS noise:40nV (4.17Hz);85nV (16.7Hz)
3.Current:400uA typical
4.Power-down:1uA maximum
5.Low noise programmable gain instrumentation amp
6.Band gap reference with 4 ppm/celsius drift typical
7.Update rate:4.17Hz to 470Hz
8.3 differential inputs
9.Internal clock oscillator
10.Simultaneous 50Hz/60Hz rejection
11.Programmable current sources
12.On-chip bias voltage generator
13.Burnout currents
14.Power supply:2.7V to 5.25V ad7793bru
15.Temperature range:-40~105 celsius
16.Independent interface power supply

Applications & Description ad7793bru

1.Thermocouple measurements
2.RTD measurements ad7793bru
3.Thermistor measurements
4.Gas analysis
5.Industrial process control
7.Portable instrumentation
8.Blood analysis
9.Smart transmitters
10.Liquid/gas chromatography

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