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agf78663101 Remote Control Cover For LG Full

Details agf78663101

Patent design, especially for LG Smart TV AN-MR700 AGF78663101 AKB75056302 Full Function Standard TV Remote Control
Accurate mold widely open provides full access to all ports, buttons and functions.

Humanized texture design and lanyard design, protect your remote from slip and skid.
Made of premium environmental silicone material, flexible, durable, skin-friendly and comfortable.

Shockproof, anti-scratch, waterproof, washable, bright colors. Do our best to protect your remote and enrich your life

agf78663101 deal best
agf78663101 deal best

1 x Silicone case For LG MR700 remote controller ( not including the remote control)
1 x Black hand strap AGF78663101

Reviews and Smart Features

We’ve tested over 20 LG TVs in the last two years. LG releases a lot of TVs every year, probably more than any other manufacturer. Most of them are inexpensive, but they rarely offer good value compared to their competition. Over the past few years, LG has become known for their OLED and IPS LCD TVs. Their OLEDs are especially notable for being the first of their kind to be widely distributed.


The best LG TV we’ve tested is the LG CX OLED. There are a few OLEDs in LG’s 2020 lineup, such as the lower-end LG BX OLED and the higher-end LG GX OLED, which doesn’t come with a stand and is designed to sit flat against the wall. However, most of their OLEDs offer very similar picture quality and features, so in terms of price and availability, the CX provides the best value.

Like any AGF78663101, it can individually turn off pixels, resulting in an infinite contrast ratio and perfect black uniformity. This makes it an ideal choice for watching movies in dark rooms as blacks appear deep and inky. It offers great gaming features with its variable refresh rate (VRR) support, very low input lag, and near-instant response time that makes motion look clear and crisp.


Unfortunately, like any OLED, it has the risk of permanent burn-in. This should only be a problem if you constantly watch the same content with static elements, such as the news, or if you use it as a computer monitor.

However, we don’t expect it to be an issue for those who watch varied content. It delivers a good HDR experience as it displays a very wide color gamut and gets fairly bright in HDR to make highlights pop. It also has wide viewing angles, which is great if you want to watch sports or TV with friends or family in a wide seating arrangement. This is one of the best TVs we’ve tested, and most people should be satisfied with it.


If you’re worried about the permanent burn-in damage you may face with the LG CX OLED, then consider one of LG’s LED options. The LG NANO90 is the best LG TV with a 4k LED panel that we’ve tested. It’s a well-rounded TV that has nice features, and like most of their LEDs, it comes with an IPS panel. It has a 120Hz refresh rate and VRR support to reduce screen tearing while gaming.

Input lag is low, it has a AGF78663101 quick response time, and there’s a Black Frame Insertion feature to clear up motion blur. It removes judder from any source and interpolates motion up to 120fps, known as the ‘Soap Opera Effect’, and both of these try to improve the appearance of motion.

Details agf78663101
Details agf78663101

You get fairly wide viewing angles with this TV, but that comes at the cost of its low contrast ratio. It has a full-array local dimming feature, but it doesn’t perform well, and blacks still appear closer to gray. Even though it has impressive reflection handling, it may be best to avoid very well-lit environments because it doesn’t get bright enough to combat glare.

It displays a wide color gamut for HDR content, but sadly, some highlights and vivid colors may not stand out how they should in HDR. This is a 4k TV, but if you want an 8k option, check out the LG NANO99 8k. The NANO90 is a good TV for an upper-mid range option, making it one of the best LG TVs we’ve tested.


The LG UN7300 is the best LG TV in the budget category that we’ve tested. It’s a step down from the LG UN8500, which is the highest-end budget model, but the UN7300 is available in a wide range of sizes and provides better overall performance.

It seems that there are two versions of this TV available, one with an IPS panel, which is labeled as ‘Real 4k IPS’ on the box, and the other with ‘Real 4k Display’ has a VA panel. Our 55 inch unit has an IPS panel with wide viewing angles and a low contrast ratio, but if you get the one with a VA panel, it should have a much better contrast ratio and narrow viewing angles.

Overview agf78663101
Overview agf78663101

Unfortunately, this TV doesn’t deliver the best HDR experience because it fails to display a wide color gamut, doesn’t get bright enough to make highlights pop, and the gradient handling is just decent. It’s limited to a 60Hz panel, and unlike the higher-end models, it doesn’t have VRR support.

It still has a low input lag and a decent response time for gaming, but you may notice image duplication with fast-moving content due to the backlight’s 120Hz flicker. It doesn’t have any trouble upscaling lower-resolution content and has excellent reflection handling if you want to use it in a bright room. All things considered, this is one of the best LG TVs we’ve tested.


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