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Amutorch e3s Flashlight Mini Torch Solid and Compact

Feature Amutorch e3s

Amutorch e3s lamp beads with a maximum brightness of 3000 lumens.
Low voltage warning&Reverse polarity protection&Mode memory.

Cool white 6500k and Nature white 4000K/5000k are available:
Cool white light: bright strengthening, maximum luminance can reach 3000 lumens

Details amutorch e3s
Details amutorch e3s

Nature white light: strong penetrability, good color rendering property, excellent performance in rain and fog weathers. Protect eyes from feeling tired with long lightening up. Not as bright as the cool white color, the cool white light is recommended for customers who prefers it to be bright.

Material: 6061 Aluminum alloy,head and body integrated solid aluminum bar processing, 3rd level hard oxidation.Stainess steel head top.
Battery :Not included,Powered by one 21700 li-ion battery
Charger:Not included
Emitter Type:3x XPL HI/SST20 LED
Turbo: 3000Lumens

Reflector:Aluminum alloy vacuum plating reflective cup
Lens:High transmittance tempered coated glass.Optical triple lens, imported from the UK T | RCarclo10507
Efficient direct drive +7135 constant current

End face conductive.Phosphor copper spring.Copper base plate.
Low voltage warning&Reverse polarity protection&Mode memory.
Light color:Cool white and Nature white are available(4000k,5000k,6500k)
Switch Location:Side of the flashlight

Impact Resistant:1m
Waterproof:IPX-8 Waterproof,under water 2m
Color:Dark grey
Size:95mmx29mmx25.4mm(LengthxHead DiameterxBody Diameter)

Step dimming Mode: lightly press the switch to light up, lightly press to Adjust brightness:Moon 150LM-Low 350LM-Mid 700LM-High 1200LM,Turbo 3000LM(fast double-lick),Strobe(fast triple-click),and long press for 0.5 seconds to turn off.

When temperature exceeds 55 ℃, brightness will Stepdown to 350 lumens.

Overview amutorch e3s
Overview amutorch e3s

Stepless Dimming:it can customize the brightness, long click 0.5 to turn on the light, long press does not move, brightness increases steplessly , release to lock and remembered the mode. then long click to decrease the stepless brightness to the moonlight level.lightly press the switch to turn off.

The next time you press and hold to open, it is closed before the brightness set at the time.

The turbo mode can be activated by fast double click at any luminance level. fast three-click to strobe.Lightly press the switch to restore the previous gear.In the closed state,four-click to lock or unlock.

Amutorch E3S (2020) Review

The Amutorch E3S (E3S) released in 2020. It uses 3 x Luminus SST20 LEDs, TIR reflector and 1 x 20350 Li-Ion battery. The powerful emitter in this flashlight provides up to 3000 lm output, 19460 cd intensity, and a beam distance of 279 m.

It uses a TIR lens to form the beam pattern. This light has 4 modes of lighting. The memory function is a nice feature, the light will remember the last used mode. It has a strobe function, which is one of the most effective self defense tools available.

Triple lens amutorch e3s
Triple lens amutorch e3s

The emitter of E3S manufactured by Luminus, a US-based LED manufacturer. A TIR lens works on the principle of total internal reflection. The TIR lens collimates the LED light into efficient, well-controlled light beams that maximize the usable lumens in the target area.

The throw is the calculated distance in meters at which the flashlight produces a light intensity of 0.25 lux. The candela per lumen (cd/lm) ratio can be used to determine if a flashlight has a spot or flood type beam. Well-focused spot beams can be over 100 cd/lm, tactical flashlights are typically between 20-100 cd/lm, and work lights are less than 10 cd/lm.

The E3S has mode memory. Mode memory means that the light will remember the mode you were using when the light was last turned off, and when you turn it on again. The E3S is tactical strobe ready. The strobe light is disorienting to the person it is aimed at which makes it difficult for them to concentrate. It has the SOS beacon function for an emergency situation. The SOS flashes Morse code so you can signal for help when needed.

The E3S cannot charge batteries directly. You may need an external charger to keep your battery going. This flashlight has a built-in low voltage protection (LVP) to prevent damage to the cell from over-discharge, so protected cells are not necessary. The built-in thermal control automatically adjusts brightness output to prevent overheating.

Version amutorch e3s
Version amutorch e3s

The performance of the Amutorch E3S flashlight is measured according to the ANSI / NEMA FL1 Standard 30 seconds after switching the light on. The ANSI/NEMA FL1 2009 Standard is a set of flashlight performance guidelines.

The specifications above are based on the official data published by the manufacturer, but we also take user reviews into consideration. If you found an error or something lacking in the specifications above for the Amutorch E3S, then don’t hesite and signal the problem to us.

The length of E3S is 58.8mm! Check the photo below please. So, the winner is PM me your address please and a brand new E3S will knock on your door soon

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