amutorch e3s

amutorch e3s Output Mini Torch

Product Specification amutorch e3s

Material: 6061 Aluminum alloy, Head and body part are one-piece CNC processed, 3rd level hard oxidation. Stainless steel Ring.
Emitter Type: 3x SST20 LED amutorch e3s
Max output:3000 Lumens, About 0.5min Stepdown to 700 lumens .
Charger:Not included
Battery :Not included, Powered by one 20350 li-ion battery
Light temperature: 6500K and 4000K

Mode:Moon amutorch e3s 30LM- Low 150LM-Mid 350LM-High 700LM-Turbo 3000LM(quickly double-click)-Strobe(quickly triple-click)
Lens:Thickened optical triple lens, imported from the UK TIR Carclo10507
Efficient direct drive +7135 constant current
End face conductive.Phosphor copper spring.Copper base plate.
Low voltage warning&Reverse polarity protection&Mode memory&Lockout Faction
Size:58mmx29mm*25.4(LengthxHead DiameterxBody Diameter)

Product Features amutorch e3s

1.Compact and Exquisite EDC flashlight with max 3000 Lumens high output, only 58mm in length.
2.Intelligent Thermal Control.
3.Low voltage warning & Reverse polarity protection & Mode memory & Lockout Faction.

Product Description

Step dimming Mode:Single click to turn on the light and adjust brightness, Which are successively :Moon 30LM- Low 150LM-Mid 350LM-High 700LM, Turbo 3000LM(fast double-click)-Strobe(fast triple-click)).The turbo mode can be activated by fast double click at any luminance level. Fast triple-click to strobe,Single click back to the mode.
Long press for 1 second to turn it off at any luminance level.

To avoid the possibility of misoperation of the flashlight with the light off , quickly click the switch continuously four times to lock the light or unlock the light. The light will flash twice ,indicating the light is locked

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