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5-inch display: Andonstar adsm302 increased resolution and size make everything better, everything from video recording to photo shooting to image analysis, everything is clearer, and no matter which industry uses the microscope, it can meet all requirements.

andonstar adsm302
andonstar adsm302

Technical grade lens: when the background is dark, it focuses the light onto the field of view. If there is too much light, the lens will deflect the light away from the light source in order to get a better image.
Metal stand: it is very stable and you do not have to worry about the shaking outside. The objective table is big enough to do most of the welding and repair work.

Adjustable monitor: the monitor is adjustable, so users can choose the most comfortable and suitable angle from the display.
UV filter: it aims to protect the lens from the heat, smoke, dust and other things would be produced by heat machines and soldering irons during repair work. In addition, as a filter, it can reduce the effects of ultraviolet rays and increase the sharpness and color of the image.
4 outputs: it can support 4 different output ways not including its own monitor: AV-OUT, USB, HD-OUT and memory card.

Buttons & IR remote: when user are doing some repair work on the table, it would be convenient for them to capture photos, record videos, zoom in and out.

Andonstar ADSM302 Digital HDMI Microscope Review

If you have always wanted a microscope with big viewing screen that is of excellent image quality, Andonstar ADSM302 could be the one you have been waiting for. Beside having a well-built design, this Andonstar microscope offers a very flexible illumination arms.

Components andonstar adsm302
Components andonstar adsm302

And most important of all, to the surprise of most customers, Andonstar ADSM302 microscope are fully functional upon delivery in addition to all cables and connectors which are all bundled in upon purchase.

I have decided to do a full review of ADSM302 after hearing many good things about it.

Nothing is perfect in this world so while a little imperfections are in place, for the most part, Andonstar has manufactured a top quality digital microscope that serves its intended purpose well for most people.

Below is a full review of Andonstar ADSM302 and if you are not familiar with choosing a good microscope, you may want to read up our buying guide for microscope prior to reading this review.

If you are NOT impressed with a microscope delivery that comes with cables & connectors provided plus safe cushioning and is fully functional upon arrival, I do not know what will…:)

Feature andonstar adsm302
Feature andonstar adsm302

Andonstar ADSM302 looks impressive with it’s smartly designed stand and assembly while having a solid build rigidity, you can expect this digital microscope to survive the rigors of daily usage.

The long barrel lens of ADSM302 makes it effortlessly smooth and easy to zoom in digitally without any backlash while having a sharp focus on the object you are viewing. Adjustable angle and height of the lens barrel make it impossible for the lens to get exposed to smoke and fumes from soldering circuit boards.

The best part which I really like is that this Andonstar microscope is fully functional even without using it’s software or connection to a PC or TV screen.

Connection to PC/TV screen and software is no needed if you are performing simple tasks like soldering or close-up inspection of circuit boards. The image quality of their adjustable built-in screen is reasonably clear and should suffice for similar tasks with no noticeable latency.

Remote control andonstar adsm302
Remote control andonstar adsm302

Be ready to get impressed when you connect up Andonstar ADSM302 onto your big TV screen (e.g. 55″ UHD panel) for 1080P experience. Expect to do some sharpness adjustment (low, medium, and high) using the remote control that comes with it. Low setting should work for the most part.

Do note that if you connect it to a PC screen, you will only get up to 720P resolution.

If you are expecting to perform object or specimen manipulation under the viewing lens barrel, you will be glad to know that the maximum working distance is slightly more than 4.5 inch. This should give you sufficient space to perform any sort of SMD related works.

Optical magnification range of ADSM302 can go up to 200X and up to 560X if you digitally zoom your object on a PC monitor that is wider than 22 inch. Do expect to get image artifacts the further you zoom in digitally onto your object or specimen.

With two adjustable LED illumination arms shining down both sides of your viewing object or specimen, it is impossible NOT to enjoy a very clear and concise viewing experience.

If you are in a situation where you will need some form of measurement (spacing in between circuit board holes) or tool for counting bacteria inside a petri dish, you will glad to know that the calibration software that comes with ADSM302 can help you with on-screen measurements.

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