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IC aot2500 is one of the indispensable components in electronic circuits. The use of IC is extremely large and has a great influence on electronic products.

What is IC? is one of the best integrated circuits we know today. Maybe you know the IC but do not understand it so let’s find out what IC is and what is the use of IC?

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IC is a type of integrated circuit, also known as integrated circuit, was invented on September 12, 1958.

IC aot2500stands for Integrated Circuit, Meaning Integrated Circuit. iC is a collection of circuits containing small semiconductor components (such as transistors) and passive electronic components (such as resistors) connected together, to perform a number of functions. concentration. That is, integrated circuits are designed, created to take over a function as an integrated component

Uses of IC

IC, also known as integrated circuit, the use of IC is extremely great because: The integrated circuit will help reduce the size of the circuit a lot, besides, the accuracy is increased. IC can be said to be a very important part of logic circuits. There are quite a few types of ICs, programmable and fixed to function, and there are non-programmable types. Each IC has its own environmental properties such as temperature, world power limit, working capacity, all listed in the information sheet (datasheet) of its manufacturer.

Currently we can classify IC into many types as follows:
Classification by signal processed: includes types: digital IC, analog IC or linear signal processing IC, mixed IC.
Classified by technology: including: Monolithic, Thin film or film circuit, Hybrid thick film

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Classification according to the degree of integration: includes the types: IC (Integrated Circuit), VLSI (Very Large Scale Integrated), ULSI (ultra-large-scale integration)
According to the use of IC we can divide into:
-CPU, microprocessor in computer.
Small chip in RFID technology


Circuit, or integrated circuit, or integrated circuit (integrated circuit, IC for short, also called chip in English terminology) is a set of circuits containing semiconductor components (such as transistors) and electrical components. Passive electrons (such as resistors) are connected together to perform a defined function. That is, integrated circuits are designed to perform a function as a composite component.

Micrometre (or smaller) sized components are made with silicon technology.

Integrated circuits greatly reduce the size of the circuitry, in addition to increased accuracy. ICs are a very important part of logic circuits. There are two main types of ICs: programmable and fixed-function, non-programmable. Each aot2500 has its own characteristics of temperature, world power, working capacity, which are recorded in the information sheet (datasheet) of the manufacturer.

The development history of the integrated circuit goes back to 1949, when German engineer Werner Jacobi (Siemens AG) filed a patent for a semiconductor amplifier that resembles an integrated circuit, having 5 transistors on a surface. general for 3-stage amplifier, as a hearing aid.

On September 12, 1958, American Jack Kilby of Texas Instruments presented the first IC. Kilby then won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2000.

Overview aot2500
Overview aot2500

Half a year after the Kilby event, Robert Noyce of Fairchild Semiconductor developed his own idea of ​​an integrated circuit that solved many practical problems that Kilby had failed to do. The Noyce design is made of silicon, while the Kilby chip is made of germanium. Noyce informed Kurt Lehovec of Sprague Electric about the principles of the isolated p-n junction caused by the action of a biased p-n junction (diode), an important concept of IC.

Fairchild Semiconductor is also home to the first silicon-gate chip aot2500 technology with a self-aligned gate, the basis of all modern computer CMOS chips. The technology was developed by the Italian physicist Federico Faggin in 1968, who later joined Intel and developed the first single-chip Central Processing Unit (CPU) (Intel 4004), and he received the National Medal. Technology and Innovation 2010.

Monolithic: all elements placed on a single crystal semiconductor substrate. Semiconductor components are made by doping, and in the order of resistor hybridization layer, circuit path, capacitor, insulation layer, gate pole of the MOSFET. For example, technology TTL, CMOS, CCD, BiCMOS, DMOS, BiFET-, bipolar transistor.

Thin film circuits aot2500, or film circuits, are particles created by vapor deposition on a glass substrate. It is usually resistive networks. They can be manufactured electronically with high precision, and coated with protective dipping. This heading includes thin film transistor (TFT) circuits, for example in flat panel applications.

Thick-membrane hybrid incorporates a number of chips, circuit printed circuit marks, passive electronic components (almost only resistors). The substrate is usually ceramic and is usually coated with a coating.

The digital IC processes or stores the digital signals.
Analog ICs or linear ICs process analog signals.
Mixed ICs, both analog and digital.

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