Asus e403s ram

Asus e403s ram hot Mainboard REV.2.1

Laptop motherboard For Asus e403s ram Mainboard REV.2.1 With N3700 4G RAM 128G SSD

Asus e403s ram best
Asus e403s ram best

Details Asus e403s ram

Brand Name: Erilles
Ports: USB 2.0
Quality Certification: NONE
Chipset: X299
Socket Type: LGA 1356
Item Condition: Used
Memory Type: DDR
Application: Laptop
Origin: CN(Origin)

Asus ROG Strix Z490-E Gaming

If Asus e403s ram were broken into economic classes, Asus’ $299.99 ROG Strix Z490-E Gaming would be an upper-middle-class striver, driving an imported SUV with golf clubs in the back. This aspirational ATX board is great for gaming and overclocking, even if it can’t quite match advanced luxury boards such as Asus’ own Maximus XII series motherboards in terms of features.

It’s priced notably lower, though, and that makes it a prime pick for anyone who wants the impact of a high-end board but doesn’t want to pay top dollar for it. Competing with boards such as Asrock’s Z490 Phantom Gaming Velocita, however, the ROG Strix will need to work hard if it wants to dominate in this section of the market. Spoiler alert: Hard work pays off.

Instead of the usual red-and-black Republic of Gamers (ROG) color scheme, the ROG Strix Z490-E Gaming is almost entirely black with few other highlights to break up the look. Once you get this ATX-size board fired up, you’ll spot some RGB LEDs set over the chipset heatsink and the rear I/O panel. They add some much-needed color when powered up.

Details Asus e403s ram
Details Asus e403s ram

The thermal solution Asus e403s ram for the power circuitry on this board consists of three heatsinks set around the CPU socket. A single long heatpipe runs between these heatsinks and works to keep the 14+2 power stages from overheating. Asus also added a fan bracket on the heatsink to the left of the CPU socket. This enables you to mount an included miniature (40mm) fan above the heatsink to push more air into the latter and further aid in cooling.

This fan should come in handy if you plan to do some heavy overclocking, but it’s always a good idea to keep these essential components as cool as possible, so I’d recommend everyone just go ahead and use it. The fan was quiet enough in my testing that I couldn’t hear the difference between it spinning or not over the other chassis fans, so there’s no real downside to installing and using it.

The chipset is also covered by a sprawling heatsink that itself makes contact with a pair of additional heatsinks that cover two M.2 SSD slots.

The Asus e403s ram ROG Strix Z490-E Gaming features a 2.5Gbps Intel i225-V Ethernet chip, which is becoming a common sight on higher-end motherboards. With 2.5 times the performance of the single-gigabit chips that these NICs are replacing, these new chips make for a rather potent upgrade if you have the pipeline to leverage them.

Details Asus e403s ram
Promotion Asus e403s ram

Asus also placed an Intel Wi-Fi 6 wireless controller on this board that’s able to transfer data nearly as fast as the wired NIC. You need to have the right 802.11ax-compliant hardware to take advantage of this chip, though, namely a Wi-Fi 6 router capable of 2.4Gbps data transfer rates or higher.

To drive audio on this board, Asus has used its ROG SupremeFX audio solution, which consists of a Realtek ALC S1220A audio codec along with some enhancements. In particular, the audio solution has been boosted with dual OP-amps, gold-plated jacks, premium Japanese audio capacitors, and EMI shielding.

Taking advantage of every centimeter of space on the rear I/O panel, Asus crammed in a total of nine USB Type-A ports, along with a single Type-C port. Four of these are simply USB 2.0 ports best reserved for keyboards, mice, and other low-bandwidth peripherals, but the other six utilize some form of USB 3.x.

Overview Asus e403s ram
Overview Asus e403s ram

Some shoppers may grumble at the presence of the USB 2.0 ports, but realistically, for input devices and printers, these ports work perfectly fine and tend to be less fussy for detection at bootup and in the BIOS, so I don’t mind their inclusion at all.

Set around the USB ports are HDMI and DisplayPort outs (at far left), an RJ-45 jack, two Wi-Fi antenna connections, and the usual audio jacks. (The video outputs are key to note if you plan to use a 10th Generation CPU with its onboard graphics, rather than a dedicated video card.)

There’s also a button here to flash the BIOS. It’s set between two USB-A ports, and after thinking it over, I highly approve of this placement. The button is small, but not recessed, so it could in theory be easy to push by mistake. But with a few USB devices plugged in strategic spots, I found the USB plugs shielded the button and prevented me from accidentally touching it, while at the same time it was easy enough to access for the rare times I might need it.

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