asus u52f battery

asus u52f battery

AC Adapter for ASUS X53U-Rh11 X53U-Rh21 K52F-EX961V U52F-BBL5 U46E U56E K60i S500CA-CJ002H S500CA-CJ005H 19V 65W Battery Charger

Product Feature asus u52f battery

asus u52f battery, Replacement AC Adapter For Asus
Brand New And High Quality
Universal AC Input
High MTBF & Long Life
Over Voltage Protection
Short CKT Protection
Over Temperature Protection

Product Specifications asus u52f battery

Compatible Brand: asus u52f battery
Compatible Brand: Universal
Model Number: PAASUS65W
Package: Yes
Output Current: 3.42A
Brand Name: Acootina
Output Voltage: 19.5V
Input : 100-240V 50/60Hz
Color: Black
Condition : Brand New
Package Including : One AC Adapter + One Cord
Connector Size: 5.5mm*2.5mm
Compatible Models : for ASUS X53U-Rh11 X53U-Rh21 

Compatible with Asus Models

SADP-65KB B ADP-65JH BB PA-1650-02 PA-1650-66 PA-1650-78 PA-1650-93 SADP-65NB BB ADP-65DB EXA0703YH

SW1 VBI, U1E, U1F, U2E, U6E
A2L A3A A3Ac A3E A3FC A3H A3L A3N A3VC A3VP A5E, A5EB, A5EC A6F A6JC A6JM A6KT A6M A6N A6Ne A6Rp A6T A6TC A6U A6Vc A8E, A8F, A8FM, A8H, A8He, A8Jr, A8M
A9Rp B50A F2F F2JE F3F F3H F3Jm F3Jv F5M F5N F5R F5RL F6E F9E F9F F9J L2E L34 L34C L3C L3S L4E L4R M2A M2C M2E M2N M2Ne M24A M24E M24N M3NP M3N M52A M52Ae
M6A M6BN M6BNe M6N M6Ne M6R M6V N10E N10J N10Jc R1E R1F S1N S13N S6F S6Fm S96F VBI U1E U1F U2E U50G U5A U50A U5F U50F U6E U8A U80A U81A U8V U80V UL20 UL20A

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