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Step 1. please check the input data on your laptop or your adapter output Asus x550c adapter.
You will find voltage and current data.
Such as 20V 3.25A 、19V 3.42A、19V 2.37A…

Step 2. check your connection plug size.
Out diameter * lnner diameter
Such as 5.52.5mm、4.01.7mm、 4.0*1.35mm….

Details asus x550c adapter
Details asus x550c adapter

If still not understand , Asus x550c adapter please ask help from us ! If you have not asked us and have not informed us of your computer model, resulting in a battery or adapter that does not match your computer model, you can only return or exchange .the shipping fee borne by yourself.

Asus x550c Review

We recently looked at the ASUS V550C: a £500 laptop that did very little wrong, but didn’t really excel in the price bracket either. Well, we’re back looking at the Asus X550CA-XO113H, which retails for £170 less, and could be ideal for the family on a budget or the student wanting to do basic word processing and web browsing.

It’s got an Intel Celeron processor, 4GB RAM and a 500GB hard disk,
which is certainly lower specs than the laptops we’ve been looking at of late, but can it punch above its weight to be bargain of the year?

Like the V550C, the Asus x550c adapter has plenty of the trappings of an Ultrabook in terms of appearance, although at 15.6-inches, it’s fooling nobody really. Still, it’s very thin all round and has the stylish minimalism that’s in laptop style at the moment.

asus x550c adapter promotion
asus x550c adapter promotion

Like the V550C, it’s black, rather than chrome, although the texture is completely different – markedly cheaper. Asus describes it as a ‘classic spin line finish’. What this actually means is it feels ever so slightly like vinyl, with the circular grooves from the Asus logo in the middle to the outside of the lid.

When you lift the lid, the colour-scheme changes to a metallic silver around the keyboard, although the black remains on the plastic bezel around the screen. The keyboard area is textured with small dimples around the touchpad, but around the keyboard it’s mainly smooth, adding light dots just above.

It’s an eclectic mix of styles that doesn’t quite come off in our view. You can definitely tell it’s on the cheaper end of the laptop scale, especially as the keys make an off-putting rattling noise when you type at anything approaching speed.

All of the connectivity is down the left hand side of the laptop with a VGA port, two USB slots, an HDMI port, an Ethernet port and a headphone/microphone jack. On the right hand side, there’s a DVD drive – impressive considering its low price, and the fact that it’s really rather slim. So slim in fact, that the Ethernet port requires the plastic to be pulled down a little to make the cable fit.

Plug asus x550c adapter
Plug asus x550c adapter

One area the laptop saves costs is through its screen – there’s no touch controls, which is fine because we don’t use them that often in Windows 8 anyway. What’s less fine is the general quality it offers: while the brightness is generally okay, the resolution of 1366 x 768 isn’t too great which leads to slightly blurry images.

Worse, it’s really pixelated when viewed up close – it’s Asus x550c adapter particularly noticeable on the icons, which are clearly squared off in an obvious mesh style on the screen. The colour accuracy is okay, if a little washed out, but the viewing angles aren’t too bad.

To be entirely fair, we shouldn’t expect anything more from a £329 laptop, and its perfectly fine for everyday use – it should just be noted that the screen is one of the more obvious areas of cost saving.

Nevertheless, screen and battery life issues aside, the Asus VivoBook X550CA is still a marked improvement over its predecessors. Its Ivy Bridge processor may be showing its age, but it can still compete with other budget laptops in raw performance, and it remains one of the cheapest 15.6in laptops we’ve seen to come with a full ten-point touchscreen.

Overview asus x550c adapter
Overview asus x550c adapter

The ASUS X550CA still remains as a solid value for those looking at a basic laptop computer. The problem is that it doesn’t really distinguish itself from the competition in any real way. In fact, the laptop design really needs to be updated to address the limited number of USB ports which is as much as half as many as the competition.

With an attractive design, strong audio and a low price, the ASUS X550CA is a solid sub-$500 notebook. However, you have to be willing to live with a few compromises, such as limited viewing angles and mediocre battery life. At this price, we prefer the HP Pavilion g6t because of its brighter screen and longer endurance.

If you’re on a budget, it’s really hard to argue with the ASUS X550. Yes, you can easily see where the cost savings have occurred (cheap feel, low quality screen, Intel Celeron processor, rattly keyboard), but at the same time the savings really add up. At £329, the performance isn’t too far removed from the £430 HP

Touchsmart Sleekbook and the £499 ASUS V550C. It feels cheap, and the cost-saving areas are obvious, but at just £329 RRP with similar performance to laptops £100 more expensive, this is an impressive performer.

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