asus x555ld hdd board

Asus x555ld hdd board laptop hard disk

Feature Asus x555ld hdd board

Type: PCI-E Riser Asus x555ld hdd board. Certification: NONE. Package: Yes. Products Status: Stock.
Model Number: X555LD X555LN X555LJ X555LB HD

asus x555ld hdd board best
asus x555ld hdd board best

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Asus X555LD-XX283H Notebook Review

Asus’ X555LD-XX283H is no stranger to us since we have already tested two models from Asus’ latest X555/F555 series. Only recently, the identically built F555LD-XX243H sister model was on our test bench. The latter has a higher memory capacity, a larger hard drive, and features a white casing. We have also tested a more powerful model: The X555LN-XO112H is equipped with a Core i5-4210U processor and GeForce 840M graphics core.

The Asus x555ld hdd board finds rivals among the inexpensive all-rounders of other manufacturers. For example, we mention HP’s 355 G2 and Lenovo’s IdeaPad Z50-75.

The casing of theX555LD cannot boast of metal parts. It is entirely made of plastic. The base unit’s upper side is silver-gray. Furthermore, it is textured. The palm rest features a fine grooved texture, and the rest of the upper side features a subtle grid texture. All other parts of the casing are black.

asus x555ld hdd board promotion
asus x555ld hdd board promotion

Texture is also found on the back of the display. Grooves ripple out in a circle from the center. The laptop does not have a large maintenance cover. Only a small flap that hides an empty memory bank is on the laptop’s underside. The casing would have to be opened for replacing components such as the hard drive.

The casing’s sturdiness and build correspond to the price range. Applying pressure to the left of the keyboard causes the casing to yield marginally. At the same time, the laptop’s front right stopper lifts from the surface. The base unit’s stability is still satisfactory. The lid could be slightly more rigid – but this is true for the lids of most laptops from the other manufacturers. The hinges keep the lid firmly in place, but rock slightly. Opening the lid with one hand is possible, though with a little wiggling of the lid.

The Asus x555ld hdd board new does not provide any unexpected or even unusual interfaces. The connectivity is identical to that of its rivals like HP’s 355 G2 or Lenovo’s IdeaPad Z50-75. Ports are installed in the back left area of the X555LD, therefore, cables will not interfere with the palm rest.

Overview asus x555ld hdd board
Overview asus x555ld hdd board

Asus has equipped our review sample with an AR9485 Wi-Fi module from Atheros that supports the 802.11 b/g/n standards. We did not have any reception problems. Neither the connection, nor the transmission rates broke down within a radius of approximately 15 meters (~49 ft) around the router. The Gigabit Ethernet chip in Asus’ laptop comes from Realtek (RTL8168/8111 Family). The laptop is not equipped with a Bluetooth module. The webcam takes muddy pictures with resolutions of up to 1280×720 pixels.

A small hatch for accessing the working memory bank is found on the laptop’s underside. The base unit’s upper side would have to be disassembled for accessing the other hardware components. This is not difficult. The base unit’s upper side can be lifted off with a putty knife after removing all screws from the device’s underside. Note: The upper side is connected to the motherboard with two ribbon cables. The hard drive, fan and battery can be accessed after opening the casing.

The chiclet keyboard in the X555LD is not illuminated. The even, lightly roughened keys have a medium drop and clear pressure point. However, the keyboard yields visibly when typing on it. Most users will not have any problems with this, but prolific writers will find it useless.

A multi-touch ClickPad (a touchpad without dedicated mouse keys) is installed in the laptop. It has a surface area of approx. 10.5 x 7.3 cm (~4.1 x 2.9 in). The sleek surface does not prevent the fingers from gliding. Furthermore, owing to the generous space, gestures are easily implemented. The pad features a short drop and a clearly audible and palpable pressure point.

asus x555ld hdd board quality
asus x555ld hdd board quality

The glossy, 15.6-inch screen in the X555LD has a native resolution of 1366×768 pixels. The installed model only provides a very low brightness of 167.4 cd/m². It is beyond comprehension how Asus came up with the idea of installing such a dark screen. The screens in HP’s 355 G2 (213.2 cd/m²) and Lenovo’s IdeaPad Z50-75 (223.9 cd/m²) achieve better rates – though their rates cannot be called good, either.

Laptops from Asus normally come with a color profile ex-factory, i.e. the default color reproduction is better than most models from the competition. The Asus x555ld hdd board also comes with a color profile. The profile of our review sample seemed to be faulty or was not installed properly.

The rates we measured were absolutely unrealistic. Therefore, we calibrated the screen. Our experience shows that the rates obtained after calibration should largely be identical with the rates that the screen should provide when the Asus color profile has been installed properly. The screen presented an average DeltaE 2000 shift of 5.4 after calibration. A rate less than 3 would be desirable. The screen does not have a bluish cast.

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