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Best Chromebox Compatible 8th-Gen Intel KBL-U Processor 3865U

Best Chromebox

The Best Chromebox features 8th Generation Intel® Celeron processors. Full support of Android Apps from Google Play on Chrome OS. Integrated Intel® 4K UHD graphics supports Dual Monitors using HDMI and DisplayPort over Type C for compatibility with legacy display connections like VGA and DVI

Best chromebox setup
Best chromebox setup

Share files or stream your favorite media with Intel 802.11ac Wifi, Bluetooth 4.2, and USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type A & Type C ports
Built-In Security with ChromeOS automatically installs the latest software updates and fixes to keep your Chromebox 3 safe from viruses, malware, and other threats

Power over Best Chromebox Type C minimizes cable clutter and delivers power to monitors, projectors, and mobile devices. Small Form Factor Mini PC (5.85”W x 5.85”L x 1.57”H) with rear mounting VESA support for monitors, digital signage and HD televisions. Light and volume less than 1 litter (0.88L). Support upgrade up to 16GB DDR4 and 256GB mSATA(M.2 2242/2280)

Best Chromebox 2021

Chrome OS comes on two types of devices: laptops called Chromebooks and desktop machines called Chromeboxes. While the best Chromebooks are more widely known and more diverse in their options, Chromeboxes are a relatively small market where you have one option from each of the major manufacturers that gets updated every few years.

chromebox quality
chromebox quality

2021 is a good year to be a Chromebox user, as we’re getting updates to the three most popular Chromeboxes on the market. They’re still slowly trickling out right now, with the HP Chromebox G3 being the most available of the three next-gen Chromeboxes.

HP was one of the first to announce its next-gen Chromeboxes, and it was also the first to start selling it. HP’s Chromebox G3 and Chromebox Enterprise G3 are powered by Intel’s 10th generation processors, though there is a Celeron option for the budget-conscious.

To accompany those processors, Best Chromebox HP includes up to 16GB of DDR4 RAM and up to 128GB of storage — though, for the 32-64GB models, you get slower eMMC storage as opposed to the 128GB M.2 SSD. Like most Chromebooks, the HP Chromebox G3 has a MicroSD slot for adding some extra storage if that storage isn’t enough.

Best chromebox structure
Best chromebox structure

Thanks to the fact that USB-C is becoming more ubiquitous, HP added a single USB-C port on the back to go along with dual USB-A ports, dual HDMI ports, and an Ethernet jack. Those dual HDMI ports will definitely come in handy for those who want to use multiple monitors, as the Chromebox G3 is capable of powering two 4K monitors.

While the Chromebox G3 sports a total of four USB-A ports — two up front and two in the back — and a USB-C port, we wish there was a second USB-C port. With so many of our devices already featuring the USB-C port for charging, the ability to plug in a USB-C hard drive and USB-C monitor in addition to plugging in a phone or peripheral would’ve been nice without having to break out the USB-A adapters. Having so many USB-C ports will make things easier on those of us with older peripherals like USB-A keyboards, mice, and webcams, though.

One other small frustration with the G3 is that it’s not widely available despite launching four months ago. It drifts in and out of stock on HP’s website and is still in the pre-order stages on B&H, so if you need one right now, you’ll either have to grab the more expensive i5 model or grab the older HP Chromebook G2. The problem here is the G2 isn’t seeing many discounts despite being two years old, so you’ll pay more for an older, less powerful machine.

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