Best counterfeit money detector

Best counterfeit money detector with UV MG detector machine

Best counterfeit money detector

Automatic detecting with UV(ultraviolet) and MG(magnetic), Best counterfeit money detector
MT(magnetic thread) while counting (Optional)
With front LCD screen display +side LED display .
With “AUTO”&”MANUAL” function.
With “DD” detection function.

Best counterfeit money detector quality
Best counterfeit money detector quality

Automatic starting, stopping and clearing.
With batching, adding and self-examination functions.
Automatic half-note and chain-note detections.
Double-notes detecting.
With color changing LCD display.
With external display

Counterfeit money detector review

Technology has enabled counterfeiters to continually find new ways to forge currency. How can you keep pace and utilize technology yourself to keep counterfeit bills out of your cash drawer? Are you wondering: What is the best counterfeit money detector?. Dri Mark is committed to keeping pace with techniques and technology to help you protect your business from counterfeit money, and can give you the best answer to the question of: Which counterfeit money detector is right for my business?

For most retail environments where cash is common, the best option for counterfeit deterrence is a counterfeit money detector that provides a rapid way to check in three ways. Dri Mark provides a solution that checks the multi-layered security features only detectable using specific methods and technology.

The Dri Mark Flash Test uses three fast, Best counterfeit money detector reliable tests to detect counterfeit bills: Detection of the security stripe, the watermark, and an ink sensor.

Counterfeit money detector price
Counterfeit money detector price

In a fast-paced retail environment, the feel of genuine US currency may not raise suspicion of a counterfeit. One of the current methods counterfeiters are using is a technique called “bleaching.” In this process, forgers take genuine currency in low denominations, bleach all the ink off of the banknote, and then print higher denomination markings over the genuine linen paper.

The Flash Test gives results in less than a second on the ink sensor, enabling your frontline staff members to make a quick, discreet decisions in accepting currency. Further testing of a suspicious bill is available right on the same device with the watermark detector and the UV security stripe detector. The Flash Test’s UV light quickly highlights the security stripe on genuine US currency. Additionally, the powerful LED will quickly reveal the presence — or absence — of the watermark that should appear in all genuine bills.

The Dual Detector Pen – Strong. Compact. Simple.

A great alternative for a retail environment with limited space and less risk exposure would be the Dri Mark Dual Detector Pen.

In retail environments where counter space is limited, choose the Dual Detector Pen, which has a familiar counterfeit detection marker on one end and a handy UV light on the other end. The UV light reveals up the Best counterfeit money detector UV security stripe on genuine bills which cannot be duplicated by counterfeiters. These UV features are also visible on genuine currencies from around the world, making the Dual Detector effective in many regions of the world.

Counterfeit money detector
Counterfeit money detector

Traditional counterfeit money, produced by printing forged bills from scratch, can be detected in less than a second with the original and reliable Counterfeit Detector Pens. The counterfeit detection markers originated by Dri Mark and used for over 25 years, are the fast and familiar way to stop counterfeits before they make their way to your cash drawer.

Clubs, bars, and events who need to accept cash and verify IDs will want to consider the handy and compact UV Pro detector. The powerful UV light will highlight bright UV features present on state-issued IDs from most US states, insuring that your business is protected from fake IDs. The UV Pro utilizes that same UV light to highlight the security stripe on all US currency $5 and higher. When your team needs power right in their pocket, choose the UV Pro.

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