best crossbow targets review deal

Best crossbow targets review archery hunting shooting

Best crossbow targets review

Best crossbow targets review Length: 16inch, 20inch
Arrow vanes: 3inch parabolic vanes /4inch Shield vanes
Arrow nock: Halfmoon shape
Arrow point : 100gr( If you want to replace 125gr tips, please leave a message)

best crossbow targets review
best crossbow targets review

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Best Bag Targets for Crossbows

If you’re new to archery, Best crossbow targets review bag are one of the most known types of archery targets. It’s also the most basic archery target you can get. After spending days and countless hours, we’ve come up with a list of the three best bag targets for crossbows. Besides the bag targets listed below, not many of them are really worth the money. You’re better off spending your money on foam block targets then.

First on our list for best bag targets for crossbows is the Morrell Yellow Jacket YJ-450 Plus Archery Target bag. As the name already makes clear, this bag target is speed rated for crossbows that can shoot arrows with a maximum of 450 feet per second. It’s designed for easy arrow removal, which you’ll instantly notice when comparing it to other brands of bag targets for crossbows at the same speed-rating.

best crossbow targets review promotion
best crossbow targets review promotion

This “portable” Morrell Yellow Jacket YJ-450 Plus Archery Target weighs 36 pounds, measures 19x19x19 inches, and comes with handles so you’re able to hang it on a target stand. It’s only suited for arrows with field points, shooting broadheads at this target will create giant holes and just rips this target apart.

All four sides of this target are Best crossbow targets review capable of stopping arrows and each side has its own unique target design. As you can see below, these sides have the following designs: deer vitals target, dartboard target, and 2 sides have an identical yellow jacket 4 aiming point design.

Looking for the best crossbow targets in 2021? Wondering which archery/crossbow targets are suitable for broadheads? Read our in-depth review of which targets are best to use with a crossbow!

In this article of the Best Crossbow Targets in 2021, we list our picks of the best crossbow targets and why we recommend each target. We’ll also explain the different types of crossbow targets available and what features you want to look for before you buy a crossbow target.

We’ve spent days testing and researching to compile our “Best Crossbow Targets in 2021” list. Below is a quick overview of our #1 best crossbow targets picks in the 3 main types of crossbow targets.

Hurricane Bag Archery Target H28

Hurricane’s Bag Archery Target H28 comes in second in our best bag targets for crossbows. This is a durable bag target that is speed-rated for crossbows that shoot arrows at 400-600 feet per second! We found that this bag target not only stopped arrows with ease, arrows were also pretty easy to extract from the target without using arrow lube.

Unlike our #1 pick, the Hurricane Bag Archery Target H28 isn’t a square but has a rectangle shape. The dimensions are 28x28x12 inches and a total weight of 44 pounds. It comes with a handle for easier transportation and grommets to hang the bag target on a stand.

This is an extremely durable archery bag target with 2 sides you can shoot at. They’re off-centered, meaning that the targets don’t match up with the targets on the other side of the target. This reduces the chances of pass-throughs. Both sides of the target have high visibility aiming points. One side has “normal” target points and the other side of the target has deer vitals.

best crossbow targets review bag
best crossbow targets review bag

The Hurricane Bag Archery Target H28 is 100% weatherproof, you can leave this outside in all kinds of weather conditions and the target will not break down or reduce its ability to stop arrows. When this target is eventually worn out, you’re not able to refill this target or replace the cover. You’ll have to buy a new target once it’s completely worn out.

If you’re using a crossbow than shoots arrows at less than 350 feet per second, you might even have some trouble getting arrows to stick inside the target. This target is made for 400+ feet per second crossbows!

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