Best fake money detector

Best fake money detector portable UV led counterfeit bill

Best fake money detector

With this Counterfeit Best fake money detector, you will never be fooled by false money bills again. Fluorescent UV blue lamp 4W.
Watermarks and any other distinguishing marks of the money should appear and you can verify for yourself.

Details Fake money detector
Details Fake money detector

The newest design of the Money Detector will operate safely avoid the UV light shine to your eyes. Counterfeit Detector with ON/OFF switch.
Product size: approx. 162 x 100 x 100mm/6.37 x 3.93 x 3.93”
Net weight: approx. 256g

Counterfeit Money Detectors

Our Best fake money detector new are designed to spot the highest quality fake bills in seconds. With the increasing low cost of technology, counterfeiters produce high quality counterfeit currency easier than ever. Our machines help businesses save time from visually inspecting bills and reducing losses from counterfeit money.

The most basic counterfeit detectors use a UV light and screen to detect the presence of a security thread and watermark which can also help to detect the authenticity of checks, credit cards, ID’s, passports and other documents.

Other technologies our counterfeit detectors use include Color spectrum analysis, Optical density detection, and Infrared and Magnetic scanning which checks for infrared security marks and magnetic ink that is printed on US bills.

The Accubanker D580 can be configured to verify Euros, British Pounds, Brazilian Reals, and more. Simply place a request for a different configuration at the time of your order.

Fake money detector
Fake money detector

The Universal Pen can also be used to check currency from foreign countries including the Euro, British Pounds, Japanese Yen and Mexican Pesos.

Which Is The Best Counterfeit Detector For My Business?

For smaller businesses- The Dual Test Detector Pen is a great choice because it combines the low cost and portability of the counterfeit pen with a Best fake money detector UV light on top which can be used to check for UV marks on bills along with official documents such as passports and ID cards.

For venues, clubs and retailers- The Accubanker D-63 is a great choice for venues, bars and nightclubs. Places in a low light environment work well with this counterfeit money detector. It uses an ultra violet light which can check for watermarks, security threads and fibers, which works for checking security features on ID’s, passport, credit cards and other official documents.

For businesses that deal with thousands of dollars daily- The Semacon S-1225 is great for businesses that deal with a lot of cash handling. This model counts bills along with its counterfeit detector features so it is a heavy duty 2 in 1 machine that helps to streamline cash handling processes.

For any kind of businesses that deal with lots of cash- One of our favorite counterfeit detectors is also the Cassida Quattro. It uses Infrared and Magnetic detection technology for checking bills and charges automatically when it is plugged in so it can be used for portable use. The Quattro keeps count for single transactions too, which shows how many bills were used and in what denominations.

One of its unique features is that it allows you to enter bills into the machine in any four ways; up, down, backwards or forwards, saving businesses time when checking for counterfeit bills.

Overview Fake money detector
Overview Fake money detector

Can you provide us with bulk orders of money machines?

Yes. Many businesses purchase bulk orders of Best fake money detector handling machines from us. We give discounts for bulk orders and can give you a custom deal depending on how many machines you were looking to get.

Cassida Quattro 4-Way Automatic Counterfeit Detector

Accepts bills inserted in any way whether up, down, facing front or back. Uses Infrared and Magnetic detection technology
Uses an easy to read Pass/Fail screen to tell if bill is counterfeit or genuine. Verification Speed less than .5 seconds per bill
Display type – High resolution LCD Best fake money detector

Easy to snap open and clean the Quattro. Works when plugged in and charges automatically for portable use. Battery can last for hours of use when fully charged. Counts automatically and shows count on screen for transactions. Grand total and denomination specific report
Backed by Cassida’s Counterfeit Shield Guarantee

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