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Best golf putters of 2019 shaft with head cover

Best golf putters of 2019

Best golf putters of 2019 lengthen shaft by 0.5 1.0 1.5 2.0 inches
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You can also tell us the length you want and we will do it for you.

best golf putters of 2019
best golf putters of 2019

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The Best Putters of 2019

It wasn’t until Ping told us its tour pros use putters from 32in to 36in long that it spelt out just how important getting the correct length really is. Ping says eight out of 10 golfers use the wrong length shaft, which leads to inconsistencies. So the entire Sigma 2 range can be adjusted, from 32in to 36in.

The Fetch is a really Best golf putters of 2019 simple mallet with a surprisingly high MOI and a ball-size hole in the head (which can grab your ball out of the hole). Two long, black alignment lines, along with the straight top edge, are as effective an alignment aid as you’ll find this year.

Our GC Quad data didn’t have the Fetch inside our top 10 for creating forward roll, but it was above the test average, which along with skid numbers within an inch of the best will mean, like us, you’ll get decent roll from the face.

golf putters of 2019 promotion
golf putters of 2019 promotion

The Spider X has big boots to fill as TaylorMade’s previous Spider was a huge hit on Tour. It was also TaylorMade’s biggest selling putter ever.

But we love how the X’s 5% smaller head has more weight positioned around the perimeter, thanks to a new 64g lighter carbon core. Admittedly, the copper or blue colour choices won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but we’re sure TaylorMade won’t leave it too long before introducing more colours.

When best golf putters of 2019 the first Spider appeared 10 years ago 75% of tour pros used blades – today, 60% are using mallets and MOI models. Part of the switch is down to the Spider’s short slant hosel and slight toe hang, which opens up this style of mallet to golfers with arcing strokes.

For us, Spider X is a less fussy shape than the previous model, and we’re big fans of the Y-shaped white alignment stripe and single sight line. It not only highlights set up and alignment, but also shows the path away from the ball brilliantly, too.

Odyssey Stroke Lab Seven putter verdict

Odyssey is a master at taking tour-proven head shapes and updating them every other year with new tech to improve everything from roll and feel to alignment and stroke consistency.

For 2019, the focus is on the Stroke Lab shaft, which is said to give 20-25% more consistency in tempo, head speed and face angle at impact. The likes of Molinari and Mickelson have already won with the hybrid steel/graphite shaft, which is 40g lighter than a typical putter shaft, and gives more control without making the putter heavy and unruly.

The Seven is a legendary model and while our test pro struggled to really feel the difference the shaft brought to the party (Chris, though, did notice a difference in feel) five of our best 10 models for roll were Odyssey putters, which tells its own story. We weren’t Best golf putters of 2019 huge fans of the rounded edges of the oversized grip, but choose the nicer Pistol shape and you’ll have a cracking putter.

golf putters of 2019
golf putters of 2019

We love wide, blade putters at TG, primarily because they just look more appealing and friendly than narrower headed models.

All Evnroll putters are CNC milled in the USA and come with “progressive energy transfer grooves”, which means off-centre hits roll virtually the same distance as centre strikes, which should raise consistency.

Evnroll aren’t nearly as big in the UK as they are in the US, but if you’re looking for a beautiful, premium milled blade putter that will stand the test of time, from our experience you’d be well advised to seek out the ER.

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