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Best label rewinder

Best label rewinder width: available width: 10~115 mm, maximum 115mm (4.53″); core label rewinder diameter: 25.4-26.5mm, 40-41mm; outer diameter: maximum 218mm (8.58 inches). Automatic label rewinder features automatic control and automatic counting function; the simple control panel is easy to operate.

Label rewinder promotion
Label rewinder promotion

The auto label rewinder is designed with a manual speed adjustment knob; the speed can be adjusted according to demand. Speed: 0~50r/min. This Label Rewinding machine is made of stainless steel and aluminum, which is very delicate, and has high durability and stability.

This Label rewind machine is suitable for printers of various brands and ideal for many industries with a high demand for label rewinding

Automatic label rewinder is the corollary equipment with a label printer and could be the right-hand man for the logistics industry, warehouse, and production line! Using a label rewinder can save labor and reduce the labor intensity of workers. It is a kind of practical device suitable for batch processing and printing labels.

AD1211-S0 is the BEST Label Rewinder 

Finding a good label rewinder is tough. The market is currently flooded with a variety of different models of rewinders, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

Some Best label rewinder are very simple, that is to say that their only function is to rewind labels as they are being printed.

Other rewinders are complex and difficult to use; these units may have a variety of accessories and features that get in your way.

At PLS, we believe that the AD1211-S0 is the BEST label rewinder on the market.

Label rewinder
Label rewinder

Many label rewinders do not offer any speed settings; you simply start your rewinder and hope for the best.

The AD1211-S0 features a knob that adjusts your rewind speed. You can rewind as slow as 2 IPS, or speed it up to 12 IPS. Simply turning the knob to the left or right will speed up or slow down your rewinder.

The AD1211-S0 also features an unwinder. A label “unwinder” is essentially the opposite of a rewinder. You can unwind labels from their core at a variety of difference speeds.

The AD1211-S0 has an adjustable core holder. Simply twist the knob on the back of the roll holder, and physically move the roll holder to whatever size suits your media.

This is an important feature, as many older label rewinders are built to be used with one size of media core.

Here is a great video from DPR Labeling that will show you how to adjust the core size, as well as how to begin rewinding labels.

Tension Arm for Steady Rewinding Action

Our favorite feature of the AD1211-S0 Best label rewinder is the adjustable tension arm.
This tension arm ensures that your media rewinds at a steady, consistent pace.

Pull the tension arm up to increase the rewind speed, or drop the arm to stop rewinding altogether. A tension arm is a true necessity for a label rewinder; without a tension arm, your rewinder will simply rewind at one speed. This will result in sloppy, loose-looking media.

This label rewinder is NOT your standard made-in-China piece of garbage. This unit will last a long time, and it will get the job done.
Surprisingly enough, the AD1211-S0 is manufactured in Italy. DPR Labeling does have a sales office in Florida, which is where these rewinders ship from.

Size Label rewinder
Size Label rewinder

These units are constructed with powder coated metal, not cheap plastic. This allows each rewinder to have a long, productive lifespan.
The AD1211-S0 is available from PLS for only $545. Check out this unit in our online store here.

In all honesty, this label rewinder is NOT the cheapest unit available.
That doesn’t matter. The AD1211-S0 will last MUCH longer than anything the competition can offer you. A label rewinder with a long lifespan will increase your productivity, as well as your profitability.

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