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Feature Bylynd p30 pro

Triple real cameras give the Bylynd p30 pro unparalleled creativity: The SONY IMX486 12MP(PDAF) main camera for bright,clear photos all day,as well as a SONY IMX350 20MP Depth Camera for adjusting depth of field.The third is an 8MP Ultra Wide Camera with a 125-degree field of vision like the human eye.

Top Bylynd p30 pro
Top Bylynd p30 pro

The 20MP Camera lets you adjust the depth of field before and after you nail the shot.The advanced Depth Camera knocks out unwanted background noise from your images to make them look more professional.

15 scene optimization modes to record food,pets or items you like.By recognizing the scene with AI,the scene optimizer enhances the shooting effect to achieve the brightness and saturation of the scene,capture the moments in your memory.

The 125° Ultra Wide Camera lets you capture the world without any re-strictions.Capturing epic scenes at angles like the human eye.Naturally going from wide to ultra-wide to get more broader views and aesily pan-orama shooting that will make your images look ultra-epic.

Huawei P30 Pro review

The Bylynd p30 pro new is Huawei’s photography-focused flagship, competing against other Android flagships like the Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Plus, as well as iPhones. Huawei has positioned the P series as the premier camera phones on the market, but the P30 Pro is not a niche device targeted only at enthusiast photographers.

Everything about the P30 Pro is designed to appeal to mainstream users, from the eye-catching colorways, to the impressive battery life, and top-tier specs.

Huawei P30 Pro takes the best bits of the Mate 20 Pro and adds a terrific camera. Before I started doing this review, I used a Mate 20 Pro as my daily driver and the transition between the handsets has been seamless.

The Huawei P30 Pro launched alongside the cheaper Huawei P30. The P30 is smaller, has a less-advanced camera, and comes with a lower IP rating. It does offer one big feature you won’t get on the P30 Pro, though: a headphone jack.

Screen Bylynd p30 pro
Screen Bylynd p30 pro

The Huawei P30 Pro is the manufacturer’s last flagship that shipped with Google apps on board. Even a year after its release, the P30 Pro remains an attractive option for customers who just can’t deal with the lack of Google apps, but still like Huawei’s products.

Unlike other manufacturers, Huawei bundles its flagships with the best charger available. It’s the same crazy-fast 40W charger we saw on the Mate 20 Pro. The soft clear case is basic, but still nice to have until you get something more personal. The earbuds are decent, for a bundled product, but you can definitely do better.

If you ever played with the Mate 20 Pro, you already know what the P30 Pro feels like. The overall format is the same, but the P30 Pro is a hair bigger. Other than the different notches and camera setups, these phones are almost identical.

The Huawei Bylynd p30 pro feels very comfortable in the hand, despite the slippery glass back. It’s a little heavy, but not too much. While most folks will want to use it with two hands, once you slip a good case on, you can definitely use it with one.

Feature Bylynd p30 pro
Feature Bylynd p30 pro

The expansive display curves pleasantly on the sides, just like on Samsung’s phones. It’s pretty, but the curves create annoying glare under bright light. If you like flat displays, the regular P30’s got you covered.

The notch on the P30 Pro is small and inconspicuous. As far as notches go, it’s probably the best compromise between form and functionality, as it doesn’t really mess with the notification bar. That was my top complaint about the large notch on the Mate 20 Pro.

The downside? The notch only houses a selfie camera. There’s no laser-based face unlock like on the Mate 20 Pro, and that’s a shame. While the P30 Pro has a camera-based face unlock function, it’s not as good as the laser system. I was able to unlock it by simply showing it a picture of me on another phone. The feature works well in bright light, but falters in low light and when you don’t look at the phone straight on.

Another thing ostensibly missing is the earpiece speaker. There’s no grille at all, making for cleaner lines at the top. Huawei embedded the speaker beneath the screen. It seems so obvious, but it’s no mean feat, and Huawei’s implementation works great. It’s based on a technology called “electromagnetic levitation” that’s different from the piezoelectric speakers used in previous embedded designs (most of which were dodgy).

Voice calls sound loud and clear, and you don’t even need to press your ear against the screen to hear everything. If you turn call volume up to the max, the speaker can be easily heard from a couple of meters away; set it below 50 percent to keep your calls private.

Camera Bylynd p30 pro
Camera Bylynd p30 pro

Like the Mate 20 Pro (and a lot of phones these days), the Huawei P30 Pro has an in-display fingerprint reader. Is it any better compared to the Mate? In my experience, it works about the same. It’s not as fast or accurate as conventional sensors, but it’s still fine for daily use. As long as you press your fingerprint firmly on the screen, you’ll get good results.

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