carbar 12.8 nano

Carbar 12.8 Nano Explosion Proof Screen Protector Film Not Glass

Overview product Carbar 12.8 Nano

1. Carbar 12.8 Nano – Optical nano tempered film, using the same material of bank bulletproof glass film
a new product that combines the comprehensive performance of TPU invisible car clothing toughened film nano-PET.

2.It is processed from the new American nano 5th generation molecular material, adopts the principle of electrostatic adsorption, and has no residual glue, and the surface has a special anti-film, silica gel, etc.

3.Processing to increase sensitivity, the touch effect is as sensitive as the original screen without film, with explosion-proof, scratch-resistant 9H super hardness, high temperature resistance, and with 99.99% light transmittance.

4.The filming method is the same as the tempered glass film, with automatic adsorption, no bubbles, and automatic edge closing.

Overview carbar 12.8 nano
Overview carbar 12.8 nano

What is The Different of Explosion-proof Film And Tempered Glass

When it comes to nano explosion-proof screen protector, many people must think of tempered glass screen protector. In fact, this is two different concepts and different product types.

Carbar 12.8 Nano, So what is the difference between them? In my view, the tempered glass screen protector pays more attention to the use of the feel experience, high-definition picture quality, smooth, high-sensitivity touch response, and the nano explosion-proof screen film is inclined to its explosion-proof protection effect.

Tempered Glass Screen Protector is The high-tech protective film designed to protect the screen, and it is a high-end new product that has enhanced protection for the screen.

Nowadays, the tempered glass screen protector market is also popular, and it is very popular and loved by consumers. It can prevent damage from external forces, scratches, and increases shock absorption, which is five times higher than the standard of PET protective film.

If it is really hit hard or falls from a height, the first thing that breaks down is the tempered glass screen protector instead of the mobile phone screen, which is called the second screen of the mobile phone.Ordinary screen protector used for a period of time is the phenomenon of grinding, and the tempered glass screen protector uses the blade to scrape the surface without scratches. It is treated with 9H hardness. This is a high-grade scratch-resistant index.

protector carbar 12.8 nano
protector carbar 12.8 nano

Carbar 12.8 Nano At the same time, the surface is treated with anti-fingerprint oil coating technology to prevent oil stains and fingerprints. It has high-quality hands feeling, easy to use and can not afford bubbles. And it will not affect the video effect of the screen, the picture is highly transparent.

The nano explosion-proof protective film is not made of glass material. It is a soft explosion-proof screen film and uses the same explosion-proof effect as the tempered glass screen protector. In terms of structure, the nano explosion-proof protective film is mainly made of PET+TPU composite material and a layer of silica gel coating.

protector film carbar 12.8 nano
protector film carbar 12.8 nano

Since the thickness of the silicone coating is thicker than that of the ordinary protective film, In the case of strong impact, it can decompose external forces to cushion the impact and protect the screen of the mobile phone.

Compared with the tempered glass film, this nano explosion-proof protective film is thinner and does not affect the sensitivity of the touch screen; it has stronger softness and toughness, can be bent, and can be better for explosion-proof, shockproof, anti-pressure, anti-scratch, anti-drop and anti-impact. It can effectively prevent and reduce the explosion of screens, and also protect your mobile phone screen.

If you are crazy about mobile games and watching video, tempered glass screen protector should be your best choose. If you are worry about the explosion-proof, you may choose to attach a nano explosion film. Of course, this is not necessarily the case, depending on which one you prefer. All in all, tempered glass film and nano-explosion film have their own advantages, each with its own wonderful.

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