cheap industrial pc

Cheap industrial pc power supply fanless intel

Cheap industrial pc

Cheap industrial pc USB Infrared remote (can turn power off and control media center ) add extra cost US$14. External USB DVD-ROM add extra cost $18.

cheap industrial pc custom
cheap industrial pc custom

USB 2.4GHz Air Keyboard& Mouse, add extra cost $20.
Activated OEM Cracked Version Win10 install free(original cost 35$). 500GB 2.5” HDD add extra 50$, 1TB 2.5” HDD add extra 65$, 2TB 2.5” HDD add extra 100$.


With an incredible performance to size ratio, Helix 500 packs desktop processing performance into a fanless, silent mini-pc. Powered by Intel 10th Gen Comet Lake Core processing, Helix 500 can accommodate up to 64 GB of RAM (contact us for more details), has room for dual SSDs (including NVMe options) and features available VPU accelerators, including Intel Movidius and Google Coral. Need more expansion or graphics capabilities?

Cheap industrial pc engineered to survive where other computers would fail, Helix 500 puts you in control of how, and more importantly where, your data is collected and processed. Its fanless construction and 0-50°C operating temperature range allow Helix 500 to operate 24/7 right where you need powerful computing.

cheap industrial pc new
cheap industrial pc new

The system is NRTL safety listed to IEC 62368-1 and comes complete with a CB scheme. EMC compliance testing covers 60601-1 4th edition which includes immunity testing to 15kV ESD, 1kV EFT, and 30A/m magnetic immunity, yielding impressive level A results – greater than 2x the protection of standard IT equipment. EMC testing also includes FCC and CE.

Helix 500 combines the power of a desktop computer with the flexibility of a PLC, the tolerance of a medical device and the connectivity of an edge gateway, letting you focus on the success of your project, not the reliability of your hardware.

While Helix 500 may be compact, it provides the connectivity you need to interface with your entire infrastructure. With triple independent display support, dual Gb LAN with vPro/AMT (depending on the processor selected), available DIO and wide-input 12-24V power with voltage protection, Helix 500 puts you in control of how your information is collected and displayed.

With it’s small size, high performance and versatile connectivity, the system is ideal for industrial control applications, manufacturing automation or any edge computing project that demands reliable performance in challenging or space constrained environments.

cheap industrial pc view
cheap industrial pc view

This Cheap industrial pc system is compatible with our Extrovert 4G LTE technology, an integrated modem pre-certified to operate on many of the world’s most popular cellular carrier networks. Extrovert 4G LTE hardware is ideal for today’s mobile, edge computing and Industrial Internet of Things applications. To take advantage of this feature, simply configure your system with Extrovert 4G LTE connectivity and then contact your carrier to activate.

Industrial PC solutions from OnLogic feature the latest in cutting-edge fanless and fanned chassis design. Our systems have been engineered for use in today’s most challenging Industrial IoT and edge computing environments.

Our industrial computers help reduce downtime and prevent failures to give you peace of mind. We offer a variety of form factors ideal for space constrained installations. Fanned industrial computers are cooled with cross-case ventilation designed to maximize airflow.

They are engineered for reliability and performance. On the other hand, our fanless industrial computers feature our proprietary, fully solid state Hardshell™ Fanless Technology. This eliminates the weakest computer component – the fan. Fanless cooling helps prevent damage or failure due to dust, debris and vibration.

Windows Compatibility: Please note, the Intel Comet Lake generation of processors no longer support legacy Windows operating systems, including Windows 7

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