citroen c5 body kit Spoiler Skirt

Citroen c5 Body Kit Spoiler Skirt Bumper Lip Deflector

Citroen c5 Body Kit Spoiler Skirt

The color of this items is the original color of the material.

Citroen c5 Body Kit Spoiler Skirt, Some friends like the color original. Some friends like to print in the color their like. Of cause, This items can be baking finish! The color will look more well.

About the TAX, Every country’s tax policy is not the same, if the buyers of the national tax, buyers must follow the tax rules of his Country , not for any reason to refuse.

Different countries same car name but different looks.
May need to local polishing the splitters to install on the bumper.
So we suggest buyer let the car service shop to installed if the goods need to be polished.

3M citroen c5 body kit Spoiler Skirt
3M citroen c5 body kit Spoiler Skirt

Citroen c5 Review

The time has come to bid a fond farewell to our Volcano Red Citroën C5 Aircross. Over the past six months, I’ve enjoyed the car’s Advanced Comfort programme, the high level of equipment that comes with the Flair Plus trim level, the build quality and the fuel economy. And all with only a couple of minor gripes along the way over the infotainment system and the wiper jets.

The C5 Aircross marries unique design features to sensible underpinnings to create a well-rounded SUV experience.

The Citroen c5 Body Kit Spoiler Skirt Aircross offers numerous personalisation options. These include 30 exterior combinations, with seven body colours (Polar White, Perla Nera Black, Platinum Grey, Steel Grey, Volcano Red, Tijuca Blue and Pearl White) and three anodised colour packs (Silver, White and Red). Exterior colours can also be combined with a Perla Nera Black roof.

The personalisation extends to the interior too, with three trim colours. In addition to the standard grey Silica cloth interior there’s also Metropolitan Grey leather and cloth and the oddly named Hype Brown leather interiors.

It’s hard to see that any drivers choosing a C5 Aircross would have much to complain about, but the C5’s design may not appeal to all.

A quick look on the Fleet News car running costs calculator to compare the C5 against some of its closest rivals, the Renault Kadjar, Nissan Qashqai and Peugeot 3008 (which shares its underpinnings with the C5), sees all these models close on price. They are also all very similar on CO2 and fuel efficiency while the C5 is slightly ahead on its residual value (RV). At four years/80,000 miles the Citroën C5 Aircross 130 Blue HDi Flair Plus has a cost per mile of 38.59p with an RV of £8,725.

Front bumper citroen c5 body kit Spoiler Skirt
Front bumper citroen c5 body kit Spoiler Skirt

While there plenty of similarly priced mid-sized SUVs on the market the C5 Aircross is a strong contender based on its overall user-friendliness and design appeal.

Early warning prevented tyre problems 

While driving to the supermarket last week, a tyre pressure warning message appeared on the dash.

Citroen c5 Body Kit Spoiler Skirt -The system works by monitoring the rotation of the wheels via the ABS rings. If a tyre is losing pressure the radius gets smaller, the wheel has to turn faster and this triggers the warning.

Unfortunately, the Citroën system doesn’t indicate which tyre is the culprit and a quick visual inspection didn’t give any clues either. Satisfied that I didn’t have a puncture I drove on to the nearest fuel station to check all four tyres.

Driving citroen c5 body kit Spoiler Skirt
Driving citroen c5 body kit Spoiler Skirt

Correct tyre pressure information is handily located on a sticker in the driver side door.

The passenger side rear tyre had dropped by just 2psi which was enough to activate the warning message.

After checking and re-inflating, the system needs to be reset. This is done through the infotainment system by selecting the ‘car’ menu and choosing the snappily named ‘under-inflation initialisation’.

When your tyres are under-inflated, rolling resistance is higher than normal which makes the engine work harder and consume more fuel.

Under-inflated tyres can also overheat, reduce road-holding capacities, suffer premature wear and, in the worst cases, even blow out.

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