clothes label maker machine

Clothes label maker machine new wireless

Clothes label maker machine

Clothes label maker machine supvan LP5120M Machine Labeling Portable Laminated Labels Printer Printing Machine Wireless Label Maker Labeler LP5120M Hot Sale

clothes label maker machine new
clothes label maker machine new

Support 6/9/12mm label print
Manual full cut
Support 17 kinds of system langauge
Special key to realize input variant form of the Latin letters
Can print Flag/Wrap label,barcode

Fabric label printers you can depend on

For those who deal in fabric items, such as t-shirts, dresses, and quilts, getting labels presents a problem all too familiar for clothing retailers. Many business owners outsource label printing, but often the labels come back with running ink or with incorrect information. Even if the print shop does the job right, you still have to deal with the costs of getting someone else to do it. You can avoid all of that hassle with an Epson clothing label printer from DuraFast Label Company.

Shipping completed in one business day
The ability to print different designs and characters
Handheld and desktop printers
Standard and specialty labels

Lifetime warranties on select models
Affordable prices
Durability and dependability
Multiple colors and sizes

clothes label maker machine view
clothes label maker machine view

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With an Epson t-shirt label printer from DuraFast® Label Company, you will be able to finish whatever it is you aim to do! That is because our printers are made so that you can add your own, personal touch to your clothing line, so feel free to be creative with them.

Make fabric labels with our printers easily

Clothes label maker machine new Company was founded so that business owners could satisfy their need for reliable work site devices that can help them work more efficiently. With a brand new label printer, you can unleash your creativity while increasing your business’s productivity. If you are ready to take your business to the next level, contact our sales team today. We have representatives in the United States and Canada who can be contacted by phone or through our website.

Brother PT-H110 – The Fabric Label Printer All Parents Need

Parents will wonder how they lived without the Brother PT-H110 Fabric Label Printer – the tiny handheld device that ensures all uniform, pencil cases and more can be labelled with ease and speed.

There are just a few weeks left of the summer holidays and if you’re a parent of school-aged kids you’ll be in the full throws of back to school planning right now. From uniforms and sports kits to pencil cases and bags – everything has to be bought and named.

clothes label maker machine mode
clothes label maker machine mode

Slacking off on school uniform labels invariably leads to missing items and this isn’t a field many mums and dads can afford to skimp on. Uniform is expensive – especially when your school insists you buy from their specialist supplier. At least if it has your child’s name in it, there’s a chance that lost jumper is going to come home again.

Parents Clothes label maker machine have lots of different ways to label clothes and as a busy working mum of three myself I started off well. When my eldest began her school journey, I diligently invested in a pack of the sew-in labels, bought from a school uniform supplier well in advance of September.

By her second year in school I’d sacked off the sewing and turned to iron-in labels. By the time my second child started school I’d forgotten to order labels in time so I resorted to a Sharpie. The third is about to start nursery and I’m yet to order any labels for her. So I guessed we’d be going down the permanent marker route again… until I discovered the Brother PT-H110 Handheld Labelling Machine with Fabric Tape.

Honestly, this fabric label printer will change your life.

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