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Cnc plasma thc controller cutting machines voltage HC25K

Features Cnc plasma thc controller

  • 32-bit ARM and two 3-digit display tubes enable digital control. Without linear regulator components, its stability is dramatically improved.
  • Cnc plasma thc controller Velocity and parameters can be modified according to your power supply and lifting mechanism.
  • Its circuit uses patch technology. There are no adjustable devices inside. Full digital control technology ensures high reliability.
board Cnc plasma thc controller
board Cnc plasma thc controller
  • Easy Operation: Two digital tubes display given arc voltage and actual arc voltage respectively. There are 3 knobs to do parameter settings and operation.
  • Simple Interface: It is suitable for all plasma cutting CNC systems. And it can be used alone.
  • Proximity switch used as initial positioning way.
  • PWM output and 255-level adjustable speed enables precise control of motor speed. It features several current settings and short-circuit protection.
  • Anti-Collision Function: When cutting nozzle touches steel plate, the controller can quickly move your cutter higher to protect the nozzle.
  • Excellent Compatibility: All inputs and outputs are optically isolated. Plasma voltage feedback uses linear opto-isolation and independent isolated power supply, and is compatible with various plasma power supplies.
  • With arcing judgment function and successful arcing feedback function.

Technical Parameters Cnc plasma thc controller:
– Power Supply: DC24V±10%, 3A
– Compatible Motor: 24V DC motor
– Drive Mode: PWM
– Output Current: < Input current of power supply
– Initial Positioning Method: Proximity Switch (normally open normally closed through jumper cap settings)
– Highest Control Accuracy: ±1V
– Controller Size: 145 x 90 x 42mm
– Panel Size: 120 x 55 x 40mm
– Working Environment Temperature: – 10 to 60℃
– Detection System: Isolated arc voltage divider board

What You Must Know Before Buying a Plasma Cutting System

Buying a Cnc plasma thc controller cutting machine is not as easy as running down to the hardware store and picking one up. Take time to answer these questions to make your buying decision easier and save you considerable time and expense.

More and more shop owners are deciding that CNC plasma-cutting tables are great additions to their shops. The computer-controlled robotic arm can guide the plasma torch over the surface of the work to create intricate and complex cutting patterns.

Box behind Cnc plasma thc controller
Box behind Cnc plasma thc controller

With the ability to cut so precisely, the money-making possibilities are endless; create metal art for sale at trade shows and art galleries; create complex HVAC ductwork with ease; create a prototype of a concept part; create one-off or hard to find mechanical parts. But buying a CNC machine is not as easy as running down to the hardware store and picking one up. You’ll want to consider a few questions to help make your buying decision easier. With careful research beforehand you can save yourself and your company considerable time and expense.

First and foremost, the number one thing to make sure of is that you’re getting a high quality machine. CNC plasma cutting tables (no matter the manufacturer) are expensive. Do your homework beforehand and make sure you’re getting the highest quality your budget will allow.

Cnc plasma thc controller
Cnc plasma thc controller

Cnc plasma thc controller You’ll want to check on the quality of materials used in construction of the frame. Is it steel? Aluminum? Something else? Steel is stronger than aluminum, of course, so the steel machines will require less material and will be lighter, but will have the appearance of flimsiness. Aluminum machines will be bulkier, but will have the appearance of strength. Machines made of either material will have more than enough strength for even the biggest jobs.

You’ll want to check on the quality of the table design. So many factors can affect the performance of the table, and the slightest variation in even the smallest factor can alter table performance. For example, if the gantry (the big heavy bar that slides up and down the length of the table) is too heavy, it makes the torch difficult to control with high speed and accuracy. A light-weight gantry, on the other hand, can produce amazingly accurate results at high speeds.

Also consider rolling surfaces. Sealed ways keep out more dust and grit, but they can’t keep out all of the inevitable plasma dust Eventually the dust will mix with the oil and create a gritty sludge that will chew up the parts. Because it’s sealed, you’ll have to replace the entire component. Unsealed parts, however, are much simpler. An unsealed roller on a simple way can be wiped completely clean in a second, and should a part need to be replaced, it can be accessed without replacing the entire component.

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