All color Compatible with iqos devices

Compatible with iqostick heat without burn vaporizer with 3200mah

Product introduction Compatible with iqostick

Compatible with iqostick CC is the 2020 latest HNB Device with Adjustable Temp and Smoking Time, Its appearance design is fashionable and beautiful, small and convenient to carry.

With OLED HD display, you can see the data of each function clearly, which is convenient for operation. 3200mah battery, which can be used for a long time after charging, supports the use of 40 sticks. Magnetic cover, easy to take out the used cigarette sticks.

With titanium steel alloy heating blade, never break, more secure. Type-C charge port, more quickly and efficiently.This is a new type of heating and non combustion equipment, which is very worthy of your possession and use. Have it, you will enjoy it! 5 colors available, black,white,red,grey,green.

Compatible with iqos devices
Compatible with iqos devices

Features Compatible with iqostick

  1. With OLED Display, clear and unambiguous!
  2. 200 – 300℃ smoking temperature is adjustable, all is in your control!
  3. 3 – 6 minutes smoking time is adjustable, satisfy the desire for smoking!
  4. With titanium steel alloy heating blade, NEVER break, no worry anymore!
  5. With 3200 mAh battery, support to use about 40 heat sticks, super durable!
  6. Auto cleaning + Super large heating space, make the cleaning is simple and convenient!
  7. Type-C charge port, more quickly and efficiently!
  8. Embedded magnetic cap, easy to take out burned heat sticks!
  9. Color: Black, White, Red, Grey, Green

Product may not be as harm free as claimed

Compatible with iqostick use associated with tobacco plug charring and toxic chemical release

iQOS, one of the first ‘heat not burn’ smokeless tobacco products marketed as a safer alternative to conventional cigarettes, may not be as harm free as its manufacturer claims, suggests research published online in the journal Tobacco Control.

iQOS is a battery-operated electronic device, which mimics the looks, taste, and sensory experience of a cigarette. It contains a specially designed heat stick, which uses a tobacco plug to deliver nicotine. This is heated to temperatures well below those at which conventional cigarettes burn, producing a tobacco-infused vapour for inhalation rather than smoke.

Overview Compatible with iqos devices
Overview Compatible with iqos devices

Tobacco smoke is what contains the cocktail of chemicals that is so harmful to health.

The manufacturer, Philip Morris International, has evaluated IQOS in several published studies, but there has been little independent research.

To try and plug this gap, the Compatible with iqostick US researchers set out to assess the performance of iQOS under five different puff conditions, and the impact of two cleaning protocols: a thorough clean after use of each heat stick to remove fluid and debris from the heater; and the manufacturer’s recommendations to clean the device after every 20 heat sticks before using the brush cleaners supplied with the product.

The researchers also wanted to gauge if the plastic polymer film filter, which aims to cool the vapour, might pose a risk to health.

Size Compatible with iqos devices
Size Compatible with iqos devices

Each Compatible with iqostick heat stick only lasts for 6 minutes after which it automatically shuts off and requires recharging before use. So to get the most out of each heat stick, real life users would have to shorten the interval between puffs, speeding up their puff rate, and potentially breathing in larger amounts of vapour, say the researchers.

The tobacco plug charred as a result of pyrolysis–thermal decomposition in the absence of oxygen. Charring was more extensive when thorough cleaning was not carried out after use of each heat stick, suggesting that build-up of debris and fluid increases pyrolytic temperatures, say the researchers.

Analysis Compatible with iqostick of the polymer film showed that irrespective of whether cleaning was done or not, the intensity of the heat was sufficient to melt the film even though it was not in direct contact with the heating element.

Following the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning instructions increased both the extent of charring and polymer film melt.

Of further concern was the release of fomaldehyde cyanohydrin by the melting filter at temperatures that all users will easily exceed, say the researchers. This chemical is highly toxic even at very low levels.

Compatible with iqostick is not strictly a ‘heat not burn’ tobacco product,” write the researchers, who go on to say: “This study has shown that the iQOS system may not be as harm free as claimed, and also emphasises the urgent need for further safety testing as the popularity and user base of this product is growing rapidly.”

Sticks Compatible with iqos devices
Sticks Compatible with iqos devices

Cigarette smoking Compatible with iqostick is at all-time lows globally, but the use of electronic cigarettes has increased profoundly. Recent reports of electronic cigarette or vaping use-associated lung injury may lead individuals to explore novel methods of nicotine consumption, such as heat-not-burn devices.

IQOS from Philip Morris, a heat-not-burn device, became available for purchase in the United States in October 2019. Philip Morris claims that 8.8 million people have abandoned traditional cigarettes in favor of IQOS; however, evidence suggests that it may act as a gateway or complement to cigarette smoking, rather than a replacement.

Surveys indicate that 96% of Korean IQOS users also smoke cigarettes, and 45% of Italian users of IQOS had never smoked cigarettes. In the United States, Canada, and England, susceptibility of youth to trying IQOS was slightly lower than electronic cigarettes, but higher than cigarette smoking.

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