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Convoy m21c Temperature Control Torch Lantern Spotlights Lamp

Convoy m21c Temperature Control

4 modes 1% -10% -40% -100%, maximum output 4800mA, internal temperature protection management, automatic current reduction at 55 degrees.

The drive has a mode memory function. The flashlight has a temperature protection function. If the flashlight is overheated, the driver will reduce the output current.

convoy m21c best
convoy m21c best

Material: Aluminum alloy
Body color: Black / titaniums / sand
Low voltage warning: Yes
Reverse polarity protection: Yes
Lens type: Double-sided coated lens
Reflector: Glossy Cup
Switch position: Tail press
Pattern memory: Yes
Tailstand: Yes
Battery type: 21700 battery (not included)
Head diameter: 55mm
Battery compartment diameter: 33.5mm
Flashlight length: 155mm
Weight: 266g

Convoy m21c Review

Convoy is where I began my journey of enthusiast flashlights. Once I discovered that one could build a flashlight, I knew I had to. And that’s where Convoy fits in – in addition to making several nice, no-nonsense flashlights, Simon (the owner of Convoy) also makes hosts available that we could use to build our own custom lights. It was that offering that really got me into the never-ending world of high output flashlights.

After closely following Convoy for the past few years, I began to drift away from them. Why? Well, I realized just how flexible e-switch flashlights can be. And unfortunately, very few of the Convoy offerings used e-switches, nearly all were solely tailcap mechanical switch based. Sure, there were a few such as the M3 (kinda chunky for my tastes) and S9 (with its strange, small square side switch) but none really to my liking.

Then finally, the Convoy M21C-U hit the market. It promised high output (Cree XHP70.2) and a compact form factor (single 21700) along with an e-switch driver in a sleek-looking package. Was this the Convoy I had been waiting for? It sure looked like it!

Details convoy m21c
Details convoy m21c

I’m never really sure what to expect with packaging from Convoy. Sometimes you get a nice looking, Convoy-branded, sturdy white box with foam inserts, such as you would get with an H1 headlamp or some of the nicer S2+ lights. And then there are those times when I get an M1 or C8 with a simple bubble sleeve and a paperboard box. The M21C-U was kinda in between those two ends of the spectrum. It arrived in a sturdy brown box with foam inserts. Not the sleek, branded packaging, but not flimsy either.

Yeah, that’s it. No lanyard, no manual, no spare o-rings, no nonsense. Just the flashlight. I was a bit shocked by just how little was in the box, but that’s sometimes Convoy’s M.O. I can’t recall the last time I really cared about a lanyard or spare o-rings. A manual would have been nice, but that’s what we have the internet for, right?

The Convoy M21C-U feels extremely comfortable in hand. It feels really well balanced, and the placement of the side e-switch matches up nicely with how the tube is grasped. Something about the dimensions just feels right for a powerful flashlight.

Light convoy m21c promotion
Light convoy m21c promotion

The head has flat areas on five sides that help visually taper the head as well as provide anti-roll features. The tailcap is quite flat, it can tailstand easily. That tailcap also has holes that a lanyard, should you choose to provide one, can be threaded through.

My sample came in beautiful Titanium colored anodizing. I feel like I’ve mentioned this a couple of times lately, but I’m kind of tired of black flashlights. I feel like we’re starting to see a few more colors show up, be they Desert Tan, Olive Drab, Cyan, etc. And this flawless Titanium anodizing provides a good visual distinction without being too flashy. The head is adorned with a smooth stainless steel bezel.

Like most other Convoys, the M21C-U has solid square-cut threads that are smooth; anodized on the tail end, and non-anodized towards the head. There isn’t really knurling, per se, but the tail is cut with some rings and channels that provide a decent amount of grip. The side switch button is surrounded by a stainless ring that pairs nicely with that stainless bezel.

Light convoy m21c
Light convoy m21c

The Convoy M21C-U comes with a Cree XHP70.2 LED. In typical Convoy fashion, it comes with several CCT options including 6500K, 5000K, 4000K, and 3000K. My particular sample is 5000K, my favored temperature. The powerful emitter is nestled in a smooth reflector.

I usually don’t fuss over reflector styles that much, but many would call into question using a smooth reflector with an XHP LED because of the potential for tint shift and “donut holes” (a dark spot in the middle of the beam). I’m pleased to say that I don’t actually notice any donut hole effect, part of that is likely due to this being the XHP70.2 version which has the dies closer and completely coated in a layer of phosphor.

There is certainly a small bit of tint shift when white wall hunting, but I did not notice it’s presence when using the M21C-U outdoors. To be honest, I’ve seen much worse. There is a single, faint ring outside of the main spill area because of the stainless steel bezel. I’m a fan of the stainless bezel though – it gives the light a nice, distinguished look so I’ll gladly overlook that ring.

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