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Its Convoy s21b sst40 biggest advantage is that no frequency can be seen in any mode, and there is temperature management.

It can control the flashlight temperature not to exceed 55 degrees Celsius

Promotion convoy s21b sst40
Promotion convoy s21b sst40

If the flashlight temperature is below 55 degrees Celsius, it will output full current. If it is above 55 degrees Celsius, it will constantly adjust the current so that the flashlight will not overheat.

Convoy S2+ Overview

Hey folks today we will be reviewing the convoy S2+ clear the latest edition to the Convoy S2+ family. The S2+ was sent to me by Gearbest for review so the usual disclaimer and I will leave a purchase link here. Clear S2+

I know all of us on BLF already have a few S2+ so we already know what to expect. I my self own 3 other S2+ flashlights. This also leads me to saying I will make this review fairly quick and compare apples to apples.

The new clear Convoy S2+ is amazing it is always awesome to see companies pushing the price to performance boundaries. Price to performance reflects in many different ways not just output! The clear Convoy s21b sst40 is built and finished perfect in every way insert up sell here maybe?.

convoy s21b sst40
convoy s21b sst40

It is better then my older S2+ I am not sure if I just got dud S2+ last time. Not that my old S2+ had any thing wrong with it. These lights are made to a budget and that reflected in some aspects of the light. It still did work and function fine. So this time on the clear S2+ the MCPCB is perfectly flat and the wires are soldered perfect and Convoy even use thicker gauge wire now.

The old saying is true! You get what you pay for! Even on a budget light but budget lights do stretch your dollar further. The clear S2+ has pulled a rabbit out of the hat for sure.

This new S2+ is clear meaning it is none anodized just like its big brother the clear L6 they both are the same colour clear well technically silver. Genius at work here! All seriousness the S2+ is made out of the same aircraft grade aluminum alloy as other lights on the market but it is just not anodized.

Details convoy s21b sst40
Details convoy s21b sst40

The Convoy s21b sst40 does feature a clear protective coating which will help resist wear and tear some what but it is not as hard wearing as hard anodizing type 3. Overall hard anodizing is nice but not a necessity on most lights. Just keep In mind if you drop any clear light you will scratch the surface. Also when you drop the clear S2+ the protective surface is fairly easy to scratch so I am going to take mine of. I learn my lesson from my L6 I mean who drops an L6 on the ground? This also applies for removing the clip it will scratch the light.

The clear S2+ is the same as the standard S2+ in design but its a tad stretched out in some spots I will try and get side by side pics. The knurling is the same on both lights. You still get a lanyard hole on the tail cap but you get an upgraded lanyard on the clear S2+.

The new S2+ features a tail cap light that is blue in color and a metal tail cap switch which is illuminated around the edges. It is awesome! It beats the standard style tail cap for sure. Makes me feel like a bought a Ferrari at a budget price. I took the tail cap apart and the set up is top quality its sealed with O-rings to make it waterproof. It appears to be made of aluminum it is none conductive.

Flashlight convoy s21b sst40

It is not the brightest tail cap light but the area that light is aloud to pass thru is small its more subtle then most other tail cap lights. I really do like the feel of the new tail cap set up it feels really good in the hands. Easy to push but not to easy to accidentally activate the light.

This new clear S2+ comes with an IPX8 rating to 2 meters under water. First S2+ with an IPX rating? The standard S2+ has O-rings in all the right places to make it fairly water resistant.

The clear S2+ is the same size as a standard S2+ for some reason my clear edition is just a tad longer. Not really noticeable still fairly small for an 18650 style flashlight.
I compare all new 18650 style flashlight to my S2+ because they are usually the smallest standard style flashlight I own. Not including headlamps. Plus who doesn’t own an S2+

Maybe I have got the tail cap tighter on my older S2+ its that close. Seriously I thought I was going mad but I am already here lol.

To add to this upgraded S2+ it comes with Convoy s21b sst40 coated glass as standard. I have added AR coated glass to all my older S2+ for an ever so slight performance boost. Mostly just a placebo effect I think. You also get an SMO reflector which is of decent size this give the S2+ a throw number of 15000cd. No slouch it should be good for around 250 meters of throw in theory. It does get to my 100 meter tree easy.

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