Convoy s21b sst40

Convoy s21b sst40 Led Torch Flash Light Portable Lanterna

Details Convoy s21b sst40 Led

Convoy s21b sst40 – Now we offer another driver version, which has a simple 4 modes for switching, which is very suitable for ordinary users.

Modes : 0.1%-3%-30%-100% max current output is 5000mA

Its biggest advantage is that no frequency can be seen in any mode, and there is temperature management.

It can control the flashlight temperature not to exceed 55 degrees Celsius,

If the flashlight temperature is below 55 degrees Celsius, it will output full current. If it is above 55 degrees Celsius, it will constantly adjust the current so that the flashlight will not overheat.

Convoy s21b sst40 price
Convoy s21b sst40 price

LED: Luminus sst40 6500K white tint and 5000K neutral white
Low voltage warning: Yes
Reverse polarity protection: Yes
Lens type: Ar-coated glass lens
Reflector: Smooth reflector
Mode memory: Yes
Tailstand: Yes
Battery included: No
Required battery type: 21700 or 18650 lithium battery
Required battery quantity: 1pcs
Driver: 4 modes 0.1%-3%-30%-100% / 12 groups, max current output 6000mA, Temperature protection management inside
Length / Diameter : 124.4mm / 27.2mm Convoy s21b sst40

Convoy S2 + flashlight in the test

The flashlights have been a new product category here at since this year and we have already been able to introduce you to some models. So far, however, rather high-priced Chinese brands such as Olight, Imalent or Brinyte have dominated. With the Convoy S2 +, a real “China firecracker” in terms of flashlights follows in this test. In this review, you can find out whether this inexpensive lamp can keep up with the top brands.

The Convoy S2 + has been on the market for a while and is no longer an insider tip in the world of flashlights. With a total length of 11.8 cm, a diameter of 24 mm and a weight of 74 grams (without battery), the S2 + is an EDC lamp, even if it is one of the slightly larger models of this lamp type.

The lamp Convoy s21b sst40 consists of three main parts, which are connected to each other by screw threads as usual. The head with LED and reflector is 41 mm long, the battery tube 71 mm and the tailcap including the rear switch (Clicky) is 28 mm long. Our test lamps are the gray version, but with Convoy it generally looks very bluish and is probably more of a blue-gray.

Details Convoy s21b sst40
Details Convoy s21b sst40

There are many other color versions of the S2 +, e.g. in black, orange, green, red or blue. Even a copper-colored version is available. The really interesting thing about the Convoy S2 + (and most of the other lamps from this manufacturer) is that you can choose between different LED versions, drivers and color temperatures. So there is the Convoy s21b sst40 among others with Cree XML2, Luminus SST20, Luminus SST40, Nichia 365UV or Nichia 219C as LED. The different LEDs, in combination with the drivers, enable different light outputs and of course different light images.

Here you can “put together” the right lamp for the desired area of ​​application. In our test we have an SST20 version with the Biscotti driver and an SST40 version with the 4 modes driver. All versions have a so-called glow ring under the glass cover in the lamp head.

Light strong Convoy s21b sst40
Light strong Convoy s21b sst40

This glows in the dark as soon as it was previously irradiated with the light of the LED. Our lamp versions each have a smooth smooth reflector. However, there are also S2 + versions with an OP reflector. Both reflectors are also available individually, so you can easily adjust the light image of your own S2 + a little.

In addition, different lenses are available for the S2 +, with which you can adjust the beam angle or the beam behavior of the lamp. As far as the photo is concerned, Convoy is very modern and allows various configuration options. With most other manufacturers, this is not possible or not so easy.

In addition to the rear switch, the tailcap also has two receptacles for a lanyard. An additionally available clip can also be attached to this holder. The rear switch on our test models is made of rubber. However, there are also S2 + versions with a metal rear switch.

The lamp can also stand on the two side elevations of the tailcap. However, the tailcap is not magnetic. But Convoy also has an option for this. A magnetic ring is available that fits exactly between the rear switch and the raised areas of the tailcap, making the lamp magnetic.

Overview Convoy s21b sst40
Overview Convoy s21b sst40

The battery tube in which the 18650 Li-Ion battery is held has a fine growl all around. This can also be found in small stripes on the head and the tailcap. This growl made it possible to achieve a good grip for the S2 +. The Convoy s21b sst40 is generally available in / on many different shops / platforms. I personally recommend the official AliExpress store called “Convoy Flashlight Store”

Here you order directly from the manufacturer Simon Mao and you can communicate with him via the message system if you have any questions or special requests. The prices for an S2 + vary depending on the LED and other options between 12.00 and 23.00 EUR, making this lamp a real bargain. Shipping from the AliExpress store is just 10 days.

We ordered on August 27th and the lamp was delivered on September 10th. The Convoy S2 + impresses with its simple structure, excellent workmanship and a large number of configuration options for LEDs, drivers, housing color and light color. Hardly any other manufacturer offers this in this abundance. The lamp can also be dismantled very easily in order to mount the accessories that are also available, such as another reflector, a clip or a magnetic ring for the tailcap.

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