counterfeit bill scanners best

Counterfeit bill scanners UV light torch with LED flashlight

Counterfeit bill scanners

The product Counterfeit bill scanners will be upgraded constantly, the appearance and color may be changed, please don’t mind. And take a consideration before place the order if you have request for color or appearance.

counterfeit bill scanners
counterfeit bill scanners

Specification: 16×5.6×2.2 cm
Power source: use 4xAA batteries
Function: 4W currency detector lamp, with white LED light torch lighting

Purpose: Identification: Renminbi, foreign currency, passports, bills, credit cards, bank cards, scorpions, amber, jewelry, jade, etc.
How to use: Push the switch to TORCH to illuminate the flashlight by hand, and push the switch to TUBE to be a purple light

Best Counterfeit Money Detectors On The Market 2021 Review

Money Counterfeit bill scanners is the lifeblood of any business, and fake money is like a virus to that lifeblood. It is estimated that there are up to $200m of counterfeit notes in circulation.

There are a range of solutions for detecting counterfeit money in the marketplace. They range from simple counterfeit pens, through to bank-grade machines that combine counterfeit detection with money management functions like bill counting, denomination sorting, and value counting.

For the purposes of this review, we will not be looking at pens. Counterfeiters have become more sophisticated, and can easily avoid pen detection by using fiber-based paper or by bleaching genuine low denomination bills and reprinting them as higher denomination notes.

Fortunately, counterfeit detection has also moved forward rapidly, and there are now a number of low cost products that provide much more effective defense against counterfeit notes.

counterfeit bill scanners size
counterfeit bill scanners size

We will also not be reviewing the full range of money-management machines. They are typically sophisticated high-cost machines used at the end of the day or at least in batches, where the money has already been accepted into your business. Counterfeit detection here is focused on avoiding fake notes going to your bank.

However, we will look at some of these machines where we believe they are able to provide such a dual function (money counting and counterfeit detection) at the front-line of taking and checking the cash and at an affordable price.

This is a well-established product in the market, with a range of features. It comes at an affordable price for businesses with the need for cash management functions as well as counterfeit detection.

This advanced machine Counterfeit bill scanners features five different counterfeit detection sensors – UV, MG, MT and Reflected Infrared, as well as Penetrated Infrared. It is also multi-denomination, so it can help sort and count your bills into the different value denominations, making the end of your day go a lot quicker.

It is also multi-currency, and can handle seven major currencies – USD, Canadian, UK Pound, Euro, Swiss Franc, Yen, and the Australian Dollar.

counterfeit bill scanners quality
counterfeit bill scanners quality

The CR1000 also has a range of functions to help with general money management. These include counting by volume and/or value, the ability to pause for a jam, and restart from where you were, as well as being able to produce various printouts and reports. It also features a USB port so that all upgrades are easily maintained.

If you take a lot of cash on a daily basis, this is an excellent choice, and can easily handle large volumes – 300 notes without hopper, 500 with the hopper. And it does it quickly, with the ability to process up to 1200 notes per minute, that’s 0.05 seconds per note.

It comes with a one-year Parts and Service Warranty, which includes a dedicated technician. Plus, if you need even more, then post-warranty support is also available.

It is a high quality, robust machine with a user-friendly LCD display.

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