Coupe menstruelle femalecup hot

Coupe menstruelle femalecup silicone menstrual cup perfect

Details Coupe menstruelle femalecup

Size: the capacity of L size is 35ml, and that of S size is 25ml

  1. Under 30 years old and childless, small size is recommended
    2.30 below, cesarean section, the use of small size is recommended
    3.30 above, did not give birth or is caesarean section, L size S size can be
  2. If you have had a natural birth, please use L size
Coupe menstruelle femalecup hot tim
Coupe menstruelle femalecup hot tim

Menstrual Cups

Changes to the Cup listings
It is becoming very difficult and time consuming to list each brand separately on this site, as many of the new ones coming onto the market appear to be the same cup design given a different name (“Rebranding“). This also makes things very confusing in both how I’m going to list them on the site (lots of duplicating info) and for you to find information about the cups.

So Coupe menstruelle femalecup from now on I will focus just on just individually listing the “unique” cups (designs not similar to any other existing cups) in separate posts, and all the suspected rebrandings and cups that look the same as other cups already listed, won’t receive individual pages. These will still be linked in the cup list on the side menu.

Best coupe menstruelle femalecup
Best coupe menstruelle femalecup

There is also now a master list – with all cup brands listed by uniqueness and stem type

Every now and then I look through Alibaba listings to see what new cup designs are being sold (in bulk) in China. Usually it’s the standard cups you see being rebranded. But this one caught my eye as something very unique I’ve not seen yet.

Before anyone asks where/how to buy one – Alibaba is a trade site dealing in wholesale (For example these have a 500 minimum order), so until someone buys them and offers them retail, they won’t be available to purchase. Interestingly the listing makes no mention of medical grade silicone and just calls it “silicone’.

A Coupe menstruelle femalecup of other interesting cup designs on Alibaba… these (from the same manufacturer as the above ones), with a wavy line around the bottom of the “ridge” part of the cup – look to be a mid-length hollow tube stem

These valve stem cups with smooth sides (no ridge or thickening of the rim)

and these Short bodied cups. Small size has a body 33mm long, large is 37mm long

“In Europe menstrual cups are considered a hygiene article and therefore do not have to meet medical device standards. In the US however the cups are considered a medical device. This is in large part because they are inserted into the body and have prolonged contact with mucus membranes. MeLuna cups sold in the US have to meet FDA standards which include being made from all medical grade materials.”

Coupe menstruelle femalecup
Coupe menstruelle femalecup

“The TPE that is used in the US cups even in the clear version is slightly different to meet FDA standards of ‘medical grade’.
The Coupe menstruelle femalecup even more noticable difference though is in the colorants. Colorants for the non-US MeLuna version are food colorants and not medical grade. US colorants are medical grade.

We offer different colorants here in the US because the US version is made from medical grade colorants made specifically to fuse permanently and without leaching with the raw material.”

While I assume this article is intended to make the US versions sound safer and better, to me it does raise an interesting point about the safety of the non US versions then…. If they acknowledge that the medical grade colourants don’t leach…. doesn’t that then mean that the food-grade colourants used in the non-US cups might?

Someone posted a comment about the glitter from their cup coming loose as well.

Everyone wants a bargain, not everyone has cash to spare – I’m quite budget conscious myself. I get it. But sometimes paying a bit extra is worth it.

There are a LOT of places selling really cheap cups. As in under $2 “cheap”. Other brands can cost $40 or more. For that kind of price, who wouldn’t want to spend just $2 compared to paying 20x that price!

But cheap isn’t always best. There are a few things to consider –Coupe menstruelle femalecup

1) Is the cup design a good one for you?

2) Is the material safe?

3) Do you want to support a good brand or support a dodgy one?

Coupe menstruelle femalecup hot
Coupe menstruelle femalecup hot

The thing is, a menstrual cup is really an investment. A menstrual cup should last around 10 years. So you’re talking about the more expensive menstrual cups costing about $4 PER YEAR or less, tampons would cost you more than that per month.

Even the most expensive cup is a MASSIVE saving on using tampons. I don’t know about you, but I consider my vagina is worth more than $4 a year to keep happy and healthy. I don’t want to be shoving anything up there for long periods of time unless I’m fairly confident that there will be no long-term side effects of that.

Cervical cancer is something I’d like to avoid and IMHO putting something of unknown and potentially dodgy composition up close to your cervix for 12 hours a day may not be a sensible idea.

At the end of the day, buy what you want – but I want to make sure people are aware of what they are buying and thinking about factors other than the price. If you’re buying to donate to impoverished women, or buying for a friend – consider their vaginal health too Coupe menstruelle femalecup

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