d va rdta

D VA RDTA Tank Atomizer 22mm Diameter Translucent Glass

D.VA RDTA Tank Atomizer 22mm Diameter Translucent Glass Tube For Electronic Cigarette Vape Box Mod VS King RDTA Style

d va rdta best
d va rdta best

Description D VA RDTA

Diameter:22mm approx.
Hight:39mm approx.
Net Weight:13g D VA RDTA
Package Weight:27g
Packing Size:30mm30mm62mm

Product intro and specs

Mr.JustRight1 has once again teamed up with Wotofo to bring us another atomizer in the iconic Profile series. We had the Profile, the Profile Unity, the Profile 1.5, and now we have the Profile RDTA. It’s the first atomizer to come with the new nexMESH Clapton mesh coil.

The Profile RDTA is a 25 mm RDTA that can also be used as a regular dripping atomizer or squonking atomizer with the included adapter.

At first glance it just looks like the original Profile with a tank underneath, but when you take the top cap off, there’s one noticeable difference right off the bat – there are post holes between the clamps that allow you to do dual coil builds, something you weren’t able to do on previous versions. You can also use the post holes to do a single coil build without having to use the clamps.

So are these improvements enough to set it apart from other D VA RDTA? Keep reading to find out

This RDTA was sent to me by Wotofo for the purpose of this review.

d va rdta promotion
d va rdta promotion

On the outside, the Profile RDTA is similar to the original Profile RDA. It has the same honeycomb style airflow, but they’ve added a metal ring to the drip tip and changed the lettering to more of a block style font.

Of course they’ve also added a tank to make it an D VA RDTA, and by doing so they made it kind of tall. It tops out at 45 mm without the drip tip, and 52.7 mm with the drip tip. It’s also 25 mm in diameter as opposed to 24 mm. It has a PCTG tank surrounded by a cage-like frame that I assume is for protection, and it has a 6.2 mL e-liquid capacity.

Removing the top cap, you’ll notice the deck is more similar to the Profile 1.5 than the original because of the way the clamp system is. They’ve gone with the thinner top cap again but don’t expect all that space on the deck, some of that space is being taken up by a fill hole in one corner and a relief hole in the opposite corner.

They went back to using two O-rings to secure the top cap to the deck like they did on the original, and the cap fits snug as a bug. All of the O-ring tolerances are perfect except the airflow control on mine was a little tight, even after lubing it up with some liquid.

One new innovation that really sets this RDTA apart from the others is the fact that there are post holes between the clamps for your dual or single coil builds. We’ve seen something similar in the past with the MYUZ Hadar RDA, only when you put a dual coil build in the Hadar RDA, the coils are facing the wrong direction in relation to the juice well.

Details d va rdta
Details d va rdta

The Profile D VA RDTA corrects this issue. The post holes aren’t very big, but I think that’s due to limited space between the clamps. You won’t be able to use really wide, exotic coils but the fact that you can opt out of using the mesh clamps altogether and use separate post holes for standard coil builds, especially dual coil builds, makes this atomizer incredibly versatile, especially since you can convert it to an RDA or RSA.

The build quality and machining are all top notch, and the finishes are really nice, however I wish the logo wasn’t colored on the gunmetal version. I also like the metal ring on the drip tips but I feel there should have been another drip tip included in the package.

All this is subjective though, which leads me to my next point – the steel wicking rods fit loose in the holes. I like when they fit tight, or at least kind of tight, so that way they stand up straight in the tank, but on this tank they lean one way or the other. I tried straightening them up, but they just end up leaning again. It doesn’t affect the way it wicks, it’s just an aesthetics thing but I thought I would mention it. They also rattle when the tank is empty.

Size d va rdta
Size d va rdta

The Profile RDTA has a 22.5 mm stainless steel build deck. The mesh clamps are similar to that of the Profile 1.5 and take the same 8.5 mm x 17 mm mesh strips. It even looks like the same ceramic block as the Profile 1.5 with the little grooves, but it has two slits cut out of the ceramic on each end to give you access to the post holes. Both the clamps and the post holes require a Phillips head screwdriver.

The post holes aren’t very large; they appear to be around 2mm in size. They are D VA RDTA 7 mm apart from positive to negative, and are 4.5 mm across from each other. That will put your coils pretty close to each other in the center, just right for 3 mm coils in my opinion. Since there’s so much to cover I opted out of trying a single coil at the moment, since one of the main features is that you can now use dual coils.

There is also a fill hole in one corner of the deck that is just over 2.5 mm in diameter, and an air relief hole in the opposite corner that is roughly 1 mm in diameter. I feel like the fill hole could have been a little bit bigger, it doesn’t accommodate 100 mL bottles very well. If you find yourself pouring liquid down the side of your mod, you might want to pour your juice into a smaller bottle.


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