decent tattoo starter kit

Decent tattoo starter kit pen machine swiss motor

Decent tattoo starter kit

Cool Decent tattoo starter kit black with gold circle, high-quality aluminium alloy bring you a super great operating experience.High-quality Germany coreless Motor , the highest gear speed is up to 11000rpm.

decent tattoo starter kit display
decent tattoo starter kit display

It has a capacity of 1400mAH. Charging time 1.5 hours, Fully charged, Run 4.2to 12 volts, Lithium pack lasts 4 hours depending on your voltage.This pack has a weight of only 45 grams, and the weight distribution balance with the tattoo pen.If both pack capacity have no power, you can also use the cable directly

Types of Tattoo Beginner Kits Available for Purchase

Now, there are various types of tattoo beginner kits available in the market. So, before you start looking for the best tattoo gun kit for beginners, first you need to make sure, which type of kit, you’re looking to have.

Based on the type of tattoo gun, there are two types of tattoo rig you can get. You’ve got the coil and rotary kit.

In most cases, the tattoo guns come alone while in some cases, you will get one or two more pieces of tattooing equipment alongside them.

Then there is the tattoo starter kit which allows you with all the extra stuff that will get you started as a tattoo artist.

For those who are just starting as a tattoo artist, they should consider getting a kit rather than buying things separately.

decent tattoo starter kit key
decent tattoo starter kit key

Yes, getting things individually will help them to know more about the stuff. But it will take time to get on with the inking job. Meanwhile, if you’re a newbie, getting a kit will allow starting right away. That’s because you will have all the tools required right at your disposal.

You will have the Decent tattoo starter kit gun, needles, ink, and many other things that allow you to run a small parlor on your own. Though you might not get everything you will need to run a proper shop. But most kits will have the equipment to get various jobs done like shading or just making some simple line patterns.

That’s why beginners should go for the kit, rather than spending big bucks on those customized components.

Best Tattoo Beginner Kits Buying Guide: Things to Consider

You know the kit and what they have to offer. Yet, choosing the right equipment might come with its own challenges.

No need to sweat.

In this buying guide, we will take a closer look at the things to consider to find the best tattoo equipment for beginners.

You’ve got to go with a kit type in mind. As you already know, there are two options to go for from here.

You can go with the rotary tattoo gun, tattoo pen or the tattoo coil machine.

And depending on the model you will get, you will polish your craft based on that. That’s because, though both tattoo guns have the same objective, they do the job quite differently.

While a coil one has a more hammer-like impact in terms of needling, the rotary machine one has a more fluent movement with its needles.

decent tattoo starter kit quality
decent tattoo starter kit quality

If you plan to learn the art of tattooing with both, then you’ve got to look for a kit, that offers both types of tattoo guns. But finding one like such will be quite difficult.

To run that tattoo gun, you need to first power it up. And for that, you’ve got to get a proper power supply. With the best tattoo machine kit, you will get the thing. But not all get made the same way. Some are better than others. Therefore, take your time and go through the kits to make sure you’ve got an equally reliable power supply for that tattoo machine of yours.

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