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Diamond painting intertoys 3D 5D decor

Details Diamond painting intertoys

About Drill: 100% Full square/round drill Diamond painting intertoys
Material: Square/Round Resin Diamond
Picture size: Any size can be customized

Package Diamond painting intertoys
Package Diamond painting intertoys

No Frame, After you complete required for adhesion to the local buy Frame Canvas Package: Roll up , Avoid Creases
Full drill diamond , printed cloth, tools

Overview Diamond painting intertoys

Do you also wonder where you can best buy a diamond painting? Which website has the largest collection, the best quality, the cheapest and the best service? Eline searched it out for you and compared the following (web) stores: Aliexpress, Action, Hema, Intertoys and Xenos. And of course also gives her opinion on Diamondpaintingwinkel.com! Of course you go to the Intertoys for toys. But do you also buy your diamond paintings there? The answer is no, they no longer sell them there. Buying diamond painting at Intertoys is unfortunately not possible.

Not quite at home in the world of this latest hobby? Diamond painting intertoys Wondering what it is? Let me explain briefly to you: diamond painting is the placement of different colored stones on a large canvas. The cloth is also provided with various numbers so that you know exactly which stone to place where. Stones produced by DMC colors can never cause a color difference and each painting has its own color.

Have you become curious about this new craze? Do not wait any longer and order your new work of art today. For the beginner we advise to choose a small diamond painting. For example one of my favorites below. Aren’t they beautiful

Show Diamond painting intertoys
Show Diamond painting intertoys

There is a lot of confusion between the terms diamond dotz and diamond painting. The difference is that with the first you don’t have to fill the entire canvas with stones. Often large surfaces have already been painted, so you only have to fill a small part with stones yourself. These are often also of a larger size and relatively cheaper. With a diamond painting you have to lay all the stones yourself, which makes it extra fun. This way you can also be twice as proud of the end result

If you order before 21:00 today, your order will be delivered the next working day. You also benefit from free shipping and the best service. It sometimes happens that you miss a stone, that can happen anywhere. Report it to customer service and they will immediately send you the missing stones. Ideal! Next time in the series: buy diamond paintings from Xenos. Are you curious about my experience? Keep an eye on the blog, Facebook and Instagram!

Clearing Diamond painting intertoys your head and relaxing is very important after a busy working day. Being creative is therefore the ideal activity for this. If you want to make sure that the end result of your hard work is beautiful and if you don’t want to be so busy with a design and creating it, diamond painting is the ideal hobby for you. You can easily choose an image that you like and after a few hours of relaxing sticking stones you can hang that beautiful image on the wall.

Size Diamond painting intertoys
Size Diamond painting intertoys

There are many different images that you can choose from if you want to do diamond painting. To save you some choice stress, we have put together a top 8 of the nicest and best diamond paintings you can get at the moment. In addition, we would also like to tell you more about what diamond painting is, how to do it and more. So read on quickly to find out everything about your new hobby.

Diamond painting has recently become a very popular hobby in the Netherlands. With diamond painting you can make a painting that consists of colored stones. You can compare it with embroidery, but with stones. But it is also very similar to painting by numbers. With diamond painting you get a canvas with a preprinted image. In the image you see all symbols, numbers and / or numbers, these indicate which color stone you should place on that exact spot. By placing the stones in the right place, you ultimately have a beautiful work of art in your hands.

Step by step Diamond painting intertoys
Step by step Diamond painting intertoys

You start with diamond painting by rolling out the canvas. This is best done on a flat surface, such as a table. It is important that you do not remove the foil yet, this will only come later. If your canvas is wrinkled or the edges curl badly, you can put it under a heavy book for 24 hours. When you go to work, it can be nice to stick the corners to the table with a piece of tape, so that your canvas does not shift while working. It’s also helpful to stick it on a separate piece of wood so you can easily put it aside if you want to use the table for something else, like dinner.

When you start, it is best to do this in a corner. For right-handed people, the top left corner is a good choice and for left-handed people the right top corner. Pick a color in the corner you want to start with. You can find the correct color code with the symbol on the canvas, you can find this in the attached legend. You can then pour the stones with that color code into the sorting tray or sorting tray. Then stick a label on the sorting tray / bag and write down the correct number. It is nice to arrange the stones first, so that you can work fine and not lose anything.

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