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Digital calling system pager buzzer wireless

Digital calling system

The Digital calling system launch keyboard has 16 slots that can charge 16 pagers at a time, and support extends to 998 pagers;The menu number can be changed, free to send 17-50 sticker

Pager anti-symmetric design, with a sense of design
Using AM technology, AM technology is characterized by strong signals, so even indoors, the wall signal will be strong

digital calling system new
digital calling system new

The keyboard uses a touch keyboard for easier use;Power on automatically, press [999] + [call] to shut down with one button
With IP32 protection level, protection against oil stains

In an open place, the measured straight-line distance is 300 meters, but it will be affected by the environment. The actual distance shall prevail

Two reminder modes Only buzzer and flash, pager reminder time can be set separately, can be set 1-999 seconds
You can customize the pattern, the following is an example of other customer customization。logo is a sticker
Multiple keyboards can call the same pager, solving the problem of multiple windows calling the same pager

DG50 Digital Calling System

This Digital calling system helps to manage customer flow in an orderly manner. It can call the queue number / running serial number on customers’ receipt printed by the merchant’s POS (Point of Sales) system.

This is an economical, simple and straight forward system consists of one counter terminal & one LED display. No ticket printer is required and thus helps to reduce system cost.

The DG50 wireless system is an ideal solution that helps to improve customer service by eliminating standing queue in front of service counter. Turn numbers issued to customers help to ensure that they are served orderly and fairly. Running serial number printed on point of sales receipt or bill can be used as turn number for calling the customers.

digital calling system quality
digital calling system quality

This approach helps to eliminate the need of a ticket printer and reduces operational cost in the long run. DG50 offers the flexibility in allowing turn numbers to be called in sequence or in random number by using a Counter Terminal. The system is well suited for
• Supermarkets
• Small clinics
• Food courts
• Utility payment counters, etc.

One or more remote Counter Displays, wirelessly linked to the Counter Terminal, display the called number to the waiting customers. A ding-dong tone helps to alert the customers when a number is called.

The Digital calling system first telephones were connected directly in pairs. Each user had a separate telephone wired to each locations to be reached. This quickly became inconvenient and unmanageable when users wanted to communicate with more than a few people.

digital calling system
digital calling system

The invention of the telephone exchange provided the solution for establishing telephone connections with any other telephone in service in the local area. Each telephone was connected to the exchange at first with one wire, later one wire pair, the local loop. Nearby exchanges in other service areas were connected with trunk lines, and long-distance service could be established by relaying the calls through multiple exchanges.

Initially, exchange switchboards were manually operated by an attendant, commonly referred to as the “switchboard operator”. When a customer cranked a handle on the telephone, it activated an indicator on the board in front of the operator, who would in response plug the operator headset into that jack and offer service.

The caller had to ask for the called party by name, later by number, and the operator connected one end of a circuit into the called party jack to alert them. If the called station answered, the operator disconnected their headset and completed the station-to-station circuit. Trunk calls were made with the assistance of other operators at other exchangers in the network.

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