digital cutters comparison

Digital cutters comparison mini size sticker label

Digital cutters comparison

There are two kinds of Digital cutters comparison horizontal knives of full automatic A3 scribing machine: round knife and art blade. The default is to issue round knife. If you need art knife, please contact customer service to make up the price difference of 20usd.

digital cutters comparison details
digital cutters comparison details

Automatic paper feeding, automatic cutting.Horizontal knife and straight knife cutting is completed at one time, cutting size is adjusted at will, namely printing and cutting and using, fast and accurate, simple operation.It solves the trouble of original hand drawing and difficult adjustment of traditional marking machine, and also solves the difficult problem of high salary for enterprises.Strong practicability, good stability, high cost performance.It is the best choice for printing factory, printing shop and factory to make labels

Which Cutting Machine Should You Buy

Digital cutting machines have caught the attention of hobbyists of all sorts including scrapbookers, cookie makers, cake decorators, metal clay and polymer clay artists, and even leather workers.

With so many cutting machines on the market how do you pick the right one? I have all the cutters mentioned here and have spent a month this experimenting with each of them. In order to determine which machine is best for you, first think through what kind of projects you’d like to make? Each machine its own parameters of what’s possible so its important to know what you’ll be using it for.

To start, are you doing this as a hobby or hoping to start a small business? I’ve always believed in buying new equipment that could grow with my ideas. I went shopping for a sewing machine a few years ago and settled on a floor model that had a reduced price. It came with a lot more bells and whistles then I needed or knew how to use at the time, but after a few classes, the creative possibilities with the machine and attachments were really exciting. I feel the same way about digital cutters.

digital cutters comparison feature
digital cutters comparison feature

All of the cutters I’m reviewing here are available to consumers for approximately $100-400. (Be aware that there’s a whole other category of cutters to investigate called laser etchers. There are home models now, and the market is growing, but the prices for those are much higher.)

The Digital cutters comparison next thing to think about is what type of materials you’d like to be able to cut, emboss, engrave, or etch. I want to do it all, of course.

If you are looking to work with thicker material like leather, acrylic, or metal clays, you want to consider the Silhouette Curio. The clearance for the materials to feed through this machine is up to 5mm.

The other great feature is that you can pause your machine, unload your mat to check if you need to make any adjustments, and reload the mat to the same place required to continue the job. You can also load two blades at a time for two different functions, plus there are accessories like oversized mats for larger projects.

digital cutters comparison promotion
digital cutters comparison promotion

The ability to use a variety of tools to create stippling and embossing textures, and even cut balsam wood, are added bonuses. I’ve used my Curio to make an embossed leather journal cover, as well as metal clay roll up beads, and the results with both projects were amazing! This is truly a versatile machine.

Artist Mags Bonham loves this machine. “My favorite machine is the Silhouette Curio,” she says. “I can cut, engrave, and draw on a wide variety of materials. Much more than the Cameo. I also love that the base is stable and that you can load and unload with precision. I engrave and cut raw polymer clay and engrave acrylic and metal. The possibilities are endless.”

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