Dpo transmission kit for toyota automatic master

Dpo transmission kit for toyota

Dpo transmission kit for toyota special Features: AL4 DPO Master rebuild Kit
Item Weight: Peugeot Citroen Renault
Other Part Number: Peugeot Citroen Renault
Item Width: Peugeot Citroen Renault

dpo transmission kit for toyota deal
dpo transmission kit for toyota deal

Manufacturer Part Number: AL4 DPO Master rebuild Kit
Country/Region of Manufacture: Peugeot Citroen Renault
Placement on Vehicle: FRONT
Item Height: Peugeot Citroen Renault
Item Length: Peugeot Citroen Renault


I have Dpo transmission kit for toyota serviced approx 4000 automatic transmissions . Does this make me a pro with the A750 series transmission in your Tacoma? NO , but I will try and explain

Years ago , most of the shifting was controlled by hydraulics or mechanical spool valves inside the valve body . When a customer brought their transmission into my transmission shop to have it flushed ( without removing the pan and filter ) there was a possibility of forcing the material from the bottom of the transmission pan into the valve body causing the spool valves to stick .This was very common with the popular GM 700R4 and Chrysler A670

As transmissions get newer , electrical solenoids and sensors are taking place of the many mechanical spool valves in the valve body . Solenoids now have a larger bore. In saying this , flushing a transmission can now be performed with less possibilities of hydraulic spool valves getting all gummed up and stuck.

If you plan to flush , get quotations from a shop that uses a flushing machine with the pan and filter removed .They are the best flushing machine to use because this machine guarantees the pan was removed before the flush was performed .

dpo transmission kit for toyota mode
dpo transmission kit for toyota mode

This Dpo transmission kit for toyota method attaches the machine’s line out to the pump intake. The process transfers fluid through the vehicle and into a drainage pan, completely flushing the system. When cleared, new fluid is supplied to fill up the car. This process requires the complete removal of your pan and filter and a new filter and pan are installed at the end. This requires more time, a few extra quarts of fluid (around 20) and costs a bit more, but it is a much more complete, ideal procedure.

Once the pan and filter have been removed , connect the flushing machine to the filter suction line in the valve body casting , start the vehicle and flush away .

Dont go to a shop that uses a cooling line flushing machine WITHOUT MAKING SURE THE PAN IS REMOVED FIRST .The guy telling you to flush without removing the pan first must have ESP ? How does he/she know the condition of your transmission . Remove the pan first regardless of miles.

All Flushing machines use your transmission pump to mix/force the old oil out and your engine has to be running to turn the transmission pump .Flushing machines will Never flush fluid backwards through a transmission or what some quick lube shops call reverse flushing / backflushing . Your transmission pump only turns one way so dont let those guys fool you into thinking they have a special super flushing machine .

Note: Some service centers use machines that add additional force to blast fluid and/or cleaning solution through the system. This is NEVER a good idea as this can damage seals and/or lodge sludge in places it shouldn’t be as mentioned above

dpo transmission kit for toyota new
dpo transmission kit for toyota new

I would not chance placing a filter in line of “cooler flow” .Its the wrong place to install a metal cleaner .Cooler flow is extremely important and We all know heat kills an automatic transmission . You are not going to know the filter is plugged until the trans temp light pegs out at 310 degrees . You are too late by then and have cooked your trans fluid unless you have a trans temp guage that you monitor on a constant basis

Did I use them in my transmission shop ? absolutely but only for a two week duration as described in the quote .

The filter in the pan is designed to catch large particulates including metal . Magnets laying in the bottom of your transmission pan accumulate metal over time but there are small particles of steel that the Toyota pan filters allow to pass through . If you install a magnetic in line filter in line with ” cooler flow “, sooner or later chunks of metal will accumulate on that magnetic in line filter and restrict the flow

Pop your transmission pan off and clean the magnets , clean the mesh filter and keep your fluid as clean as possible on a regular basis and you will be fine .
For the non believers in the group , call around to a few transmission shops and inquire about the Magnetic in line filter but please talk with a journeyman .

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