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f33 mobil Grille Chrome Diamond For BMW

Feature f33 mobil Grille

A f33 mobil direct replacement for old grilles.
Made of high quality material, durable.
Complete kit, comes as a pair.

f33 mobil deal best
f33 mobil deal best

Cool slat type and sleek look.
Easy to install. Direct bolt-on design, just need a few steps. No modification is required

Color: Gloss Black/Silver and Black/Full Silver
Material: High Quality ABS Plastic
Quantity: 1 pair (left & right)

BMW design boss says 4 Series grille won’t be rolled out across the range

The oversized kidney grille on BMW’s new-generation 4 Series has been a talking point since its debut, but the design boss has assured its detractors it won’t be making it onto other models in the range.

In a new interview with BMW Blog, f33 mobil Head of Design, Domagoj Dukec, revealed the bold aesthetic addition was specifically created for the 4 Series and did not mark an across-the-board image overhaul for the German brand.

“The kidneys are not changing for all BMWs … We wanted to give the 4 Series a very particular kidney grille,” Mr Dukec told the publication.

He also reportedly acknowledged the controversial look was “not for everybody” and said that car design is “not about beauty or ugliness”, but about being unmistakable.

According to Motor1, Mr Dukec also added: “Customers are getting demanding because the market is saturated with good products, so you have to stand out. And as the needs of our customers are so different individually, we want to give each customer a different product.

“We don’t want to have any detail repeating on a model, because every model should have a unique character,” he added.

View details f33 mobil
View details f33 mobil

“Cars like the 3 Series and 5 Series will keep more horizontal kidneys, and we really enjoy using the kidneys in different ways. Maybe there will be more vertical kidneys in the future, but right now it is currently not changing for all BMWs f33 mobil.”

We’re likely to see the oversized grille again on the electric BMW i4, which wore a large, blacked-out kidney grille when it debuted in late-stage concept form earlier this year.

The i4 concept also featured another notable design addition in the form of the brand’s updated logo on its bonnet.

The logo is a ‘flat’ version of the familiar propeller motif that BMW says is “better-suited to the digital age”.

It will be primarily used for online and offline communication purposes and it’s unclear whether it will make it onto the production version of the i4.

Perfect BMW f33 mobil
Perfect BMW f33 mobil

BMW insists its customers love the new enormous grilles

As BMW’s grille grows, so does the number of people whose opinion it splits. Top officials previously defended the move to a polarizing design, and they again stressed they’re sticking to it.

Recent additions to the company’s range, like the X7 and the facelifted 7 Series, raised more than a few eyebrows when they broke cover because they wore an unusually big interpretation of the emblematic twin-kidney grille. The Concept 4 Series Coupe (above) unveiled during the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show shook the internet like an apple tree by taking this styling cue to the next level. BMW explained it took a bolder, more controversial approach to design by popular demand.

“This is crucial for success. BMW customers are demanding. They want to express something, and are not afraid of vehicles with strong characters. They are looking for it. So, we have decided to focus even more on strong characters and bold designs,” explained Peter Henrich, BMW’s senior vice president of product management, in an interview with British magazine Autocar.

In other words: the big grille stays. Recent spy shots (below) strongly suggest the next-generation 4 Series will arrive in showroom looking a lot like the aforementioned concept unveiled in Germany.

Overview f33 mobil
Overview f33 mobil

Customers love the new look, Henrich added, and his team takes the feedback it gets from buyers seriously. The Vision iNext concept introduced in 2018 is well on its way to production, for example, but it won’t reach showrooms with the open, one-kidney grille seen on the concept. Designers initially deleted the separation between the two parts of the grille to make space for the armada of sensors required for semi-autonomous driving features, but they concluded the crossover no longer looked like a BMW. “We spent the money to have sensors that can see through the chrome,” BMW head of design Domagoj Dukec revealed to Autocar.

While the idea that electric cars don’t need cooling air is a myth, it’s true that they require less of it than a comparable gasoline- or diesel-powered model, so it stands to reason they can get by with a smaller grille. The iNext argues that’s not the case, and getting rid of the kidney grilles altogether is out of the question, Autoblog learned from BMW design boss Adrian van Hooydonk in 2018.

He told us his team considered launching the i3 with a sleeker, more electric car-like front end that would have marked a clean break from f33 mobil design language. Stylists ended up putting the grille back on because it’s such a significant part of the company’s identity. Without it, the i3 wouldn’t be easily recognizable as a BMW. And, ultimately, that’s one of the most powerful marketing tools in the firm’s arsenal. Disputably (and suddenly) making it jumbo-sized drives that point home.

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