fengguang parking sensor

Fengguang parking sensor backlight reverse auto

Fengguang parking sensor

2019 LED Fengguang parking sensor auto Car Detector Parktronic LED Display Reverse Backup Radar Monitor System with 4 Parking Radar Sensor.

fengguang parking sensor color
fengguang parking sensor color

Operation Voltage range: 9-16V
LED display cable length: 5m
4 sensors with 2.5m line
LED display size: 10 x 2 cm
Main control box size: 8.9 x 6 x 2 cm

EKYLIN Reverse Backup Radar System

Whether you’re after added peace of mind during close-quarters maneuvering of your car or truck or you share a vehicle with a younger or less-experienced driver, options are nearly limitless when it comes to electronic products that help prevent accidental dings, scrapes, and accidents during parking.

More Fengguang parking sensor new vehicles than ever arrive from the factory with some form of parking assist system, but many models still do not—and the older the vehicle you drive, the less likely it is to have any sort of parking-assist tech on board.

Below, we’ll look at several aftermarket parking assist systems available to easily add protection and assistance when it’s time to park your car, truck, or crossover. Most of the products listed here are designed for easy retrofit to just about any vehicle for relatively cheap. If you want to learn more about parking sensors, use the table of contents to navigate.

fengguang parking sensor deal
fengguang parking sensor deal

Simple, affordable and easy to install, the EKYLIN reverse backup radar system is ideal for shoppers after added parking protection without the fuss of more complex or pricier systems. Four radar sensors are included, as is a system computer module and visual display unit. The external bumper-mounted parking sensors are available in a variety of popular colors for discreet installation via an included hole-saw.

Sensors connect to the system computer module, which can be hidden beneath the dashboard or under a seat. The visual display is connected to the same module before being mounted in a location where the driver can easily monitor their proximity to nearby objects as they park.

Owner reviews are generally positive, and many note that the installation instructions are easy to understand and comprehensive. Some owners have reported receiving the incorrect color for their sensors though, so check the packaging when your system arrives. You’ll also want to determine if the EKYLIN Reverse Backup Radar System includes long enough sensor wiring for your specific application before attempting an install.

Striker Adjustable Garage Parking Sensor

Here’s a great product for helping drivers to park their vehicle in tight quarters at home — particularly in a smaller garage. This parking sensor is mounted to the wall in your garage, not your vehicle. It’s ideal for those who have no trouble parking while they’re out and about, but who may need extra help in avoiding bumping the rear wall of their home garage.

The Striker Adjustable Garage Parking Sensor mounts to the wall of your garage in minutes with included Velcro and double-sided tape. The unit includes a small sensor module that’s connected to an LED light.

fengguang parking sensor new
fengguang parking sensor new

After installation, owners simply park the vehicle where they want it, position the sensor at bumper level, and install the light where it’s visible from the driver’s seat. From then on, upon entering the garage, a green light tells them its safe to proceed, a yellow light tells them to slow down, and a red light tells them to stop at their pre-defined safe distance from the garage wall.

With adjustability between 6 inches and 6 feet, and built-in courtesy walkway lighting installed, this compact product packs a great set of features for shoppers who only need parking assistance at home.

Some owner reviews suggest that the Velcro mounting tabs may be insufficient, and some have used other more secure ways of mounting the sensor and light.

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