Floating pool cooler

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100% Brand new and high quality, Floating pool cooler. Material: PVC
Color:As shown in figure display. Swimming Pool Floating Chemical Dispenser 8″ for 1″ or 3″ Chlorine Tablet Tabs. Never worry about chlorine levels in your swimming pool or spa again. This heavy Duty floating chlorine dispenser is designed to be used with 3 inch tabs to provide a steady stream of chlorine into your pool or spa.

Floating pool cooler
Floating pool cooler

This dispenser works for in ground pools, above ground pools, and spas and comes with an adjustable chlorine output vent that can be set to your liking. Great for use with large 3″ or small 1″ chlorine or bromine tablets and sticks.
8″ in diameter x 8″ in height

For The River, Pool, Tubing

Many use this type of cooler as a floating bar. Some may put drinks for their children and adult beverages for the grown-ups. You can put almost anything into an inflatable cooler that you would put into a regular land cooler. Most blow up coolers are used in pools, on the lake, or in otherwise calm waters. Tubing and kayaking subjects a cooler to contact with sharp objects like rocks, so many choose a more robust cooler.

Floating pool cooler ice chests are especially popular with tubing adventures as these are easier to manage rather than securing a cooler inside of another float (as many do). Some are even designed to minimize tipping over and spilling. Having said that, some, like the Creek Cooler, are more practical than others for these types of adventures.

Floating pool cooler quality
Floating pool cooler quality

Towable Floating Cooler For Kayak & Tubing

Extra space on a kayak is limited as it is, so finding the necessary room for a traditional cooler can be a challenge. As if storing and securing the cooler to a kayak wasn’t difficult enough, accessing the cooler while paddling can present a whole heap of issues. We’ve found the only practical place to store a traditional cooler on our inflatable kayak is directly behind the rear passenger. Accessing the cooler is done via an acrobatic balancing act, or more realistically waiting until we beach the kayak.

Needless to say, we were really excited to test out the Creek Kooler, as this cooler is towed behind the kayak. Not only does this free up space & weight, but also allows for easy access (to both passengers) while paddling. Unlike the Intex or AIRHEAD, which nose-dived while towing, the Creek Kooler tracks perfectly behind a boat or kayak. We also were able to carry enough beverages/ice for 4 people and two 12″ subs.

Floating pool cooler promotion
Floating pool cooler promotion

While testing the Kayak Floating pool cooler held ice for an entire day and well into the following day. Lastly, and most importantly, the construction of the Creek Kooler makes it the most robust floating cooler we have tested to date. Almost all floating inflatable coolers are susceptible to holes, popping, deflating etc. The Creek Kooler is literally a miniature kayak, made of hard plastic, providing longevity across years of summer fun even tubing & kayaking.

To gain a better understanding of what you need in a floating cooler take a look below at some of the more popular cooler choices. This will point you in the right direction so that you know what is available and what type of situation they are most suitable to handle.

Kelsyus Floating Cooler

This floating cooler is insulated and also has six numbered cup holders around the cooler’s base. The labeled holes ensure that no matter which way the cooler turns, everyone will know which drink is theirs. The cooler is large enough to hold 18 cans of beer or soda without ice. When loaded with ice, you can still carry 12 cans. It also has a zippered lid to keep it closed. When it comes time for you to return home, cleaning out the cooler is a breeze thanks to a removable liner. Simply pull out the liner and then fold it up. You can then put it into a convenient carrying case

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