Gelenke und motorenkits für roboter

Information on the product group: Gelenke und motorenkits für roboter

Articulated joint assemblies
Igus Robolink D provides technicians who work in the field of robotics, automation and control with compact and lightweight articulated joints at competitive prices for the design and construction of robots.

Gelenke und motorenkits für roboter. Manufactured with high-quality, lubricant-free Iglidur worm gears from Igus and NEMA stepper motors. Igus articulated joints can be used with other Robolink D components to construct a modular robotic arm that can work with a payload of up to 4 kg. They can also be incorporated into your own robotics and automation designs

The size 50 and size 30 joints are available with one or two PRT large roller bearings. Double slewing ring units are suitable for radial loads and applications such as: B. Robotic arm joints. Simple slewing ring units can be used with radial loads on the base of a robot arm.

Features and benefits: Gelenke und motorenkits für roboter

Available in three sizes
Light and compact design
Lubricant free – suitable for clean environments
Self-locking gear remains in position in the event of a power failure
INI zero position sensor
160 ° to 340 ° movement angle (depending on variant)
5 Nm – 38 Nm max. Radial torque (depending on variant)
Cabling can be laid internally
Robust plastic housing

scope of application: Gelenke und motorenkits für roboter

Robolink D is suitable for a wide variety of industrial applications such as: B .:
Light general assemblies
Machine component loading
Laboratory automation
The freedom to design according to your own requirements and to choose your own choice of controls and programming language makes it an ideal choice for training.

Technical data of the item shown Gelenke und motorenkits für roboter
Property value
Compatibility: Igus Robolink D Robotics Range
Maximum speed 24 ° / s
Supply voltage 10 → 30V
Weight 2kg

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